Sell Your Video Game, Trading Card, & Comic Collection

Quickly value your video game, trading card, and/or comic collecton. Then list your collection for sale. Multiple retailers will be notified and compete to buy your collection.

How Selling Collections Works


Quickly Add Items To Our Collection Tracker
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Add Photos of Your Collection
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List Collection For Sale
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Get Offers From Select List of Buyers


Negotiate Terms With Buyer


Ship Items & Receive Payment


Why Sell Your Collection on PriceCharting

No Fees

  • No selling fees.
  • No fees based on the value of the collection
  • Buyers pay flat monthly fees to see the collections

Easy to Start

Multiple Buyers

  • Create the list once for multiple buyers
  • A select list of retailers are automatically notified
  • Buyers compete to give you the best offer

More Details about Selling Collections

Who are the buyers?

Only users who pay a monthly fee for our "Retailer" package will be notified of your collection. These are users in the business of buying and selling games and trading cards.

You'll be able to see feedback and user profiles for buyers when they contact you. You'll see how long they've had an account, what previous feedback they have, and where they are located.

Buyers will see the same information about you.

How will I hear from buyers?

Buyers will be notified via email about your collection. They will see a link to your collecion to see the items, value, photos, and your account feedback and profile.

If buyers are interested, they will notify you via email with an offer.

How much will I get for my collection?

You will generally get about 40-60% of the total value of your collection if you sell it all at once. The exact amount depends on the average value of your items and how popular those items are.

You will get more money overall by selling items individually, but you will need to create listings for each item and ship each item individually too.

How does payment and shipping work?

You need to work that out with the buyer. Generally buyers will require shipment and delivery before payment.

You can negotiate any details that you desire, like partial payment upfront, payment for shipping, and payment methods.

Are there restrictions on what collections can be sold?

The collection must be:
Worth more than $100
Include more than 20 items
Include at least one photo

We do this to make sure collection purchases are worth the buyer's time.

What happens after I list my collection for sale?

We notify our list of buyers.

You will not be able to add or remove items from your collection while it is listed for sale.

You should receive emails from buyers with offers within a couple of days.

Can I list a collection for sale multiple times?

You cannot list a collection for sale repeatedly. After listing it for sale, you will be prevented from listing again for a week if you remove it from being on sale.

Sellers who abuse the "sell collection" feature can be prevented from listing collections for sale and/or removed from the site.

Does PriceCharting Guarantee the Transactions?

No. We help put a buyer and seller together but both parties are "buyer beware" and "seller beware".

Buyers might ask for verification of ownership via photos with your username written on a piece of paper with the items in the background or most valuable items visible.

Sellers should vet the buyers some too and make sure they are someone you are comfortable dealing with has a good reputation on the site.


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