Grading Recommendations

When should you get your cards graded? Grading cards can be expensive so you don't want me send in every card. We've created a Grading Recommendation tool to help you know when grading your cards can be profitable.

Grading recommendations are shown on Ungraded cards in your collection. Add cards to our collection tracker to start seeing recommendations today.

Current Access: First 30 items in your collection. Full access for Paid subscribers.


Grading Recommendation Details

The stars indicate how profitable it would be to get an Ungraded card graded. The more stars the more money you could make by grading a card. The calculation assumes the card would receive grade 9.

The circle means the card is not profitable to grade if it is graded at 9. It might be profitable at grade 10.

If you click/hover over the icons you will see how much money you would make depending on the grade the card receives.

This tool is provided free for all users for the first 30 items in your collection. You will need to be a Paid subscriber to see these recommendations on all your cards.

How to See Your Grading Recommendations

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