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What is your collection worth? Supports games, trading cards, and comics.

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1. Add Item

2. See Collection Value

  • The value changes with every addition
  • and automatically when prices change.

Features of the PriceCharting Collection Tracker

Watch a video demo or read about some of the features of the collection tracker.

Totally Free

  • The collection tracker is 100% free

Seamless Integration

  • See the items you own while you browse.
  • Quickly add new ones to your collection.

Historic Values

  • View collection value over time.
  • Watch as your collection grows.

Easy Editing

  • Record grade, condition, & quantity.
  • We update the value accordingly.

Share Collection

  • Share your collection with anyone.
  • Show off how much your collection is worth.

Large Database

  • Database includes video games,
  • Pokemon cards, comics and more.

Scan Barcodes

  • Add items by scanning UPC's.
  • Quickly add items with your phone's camera

Photo Support

  • Include up to 6 photos of any game.
  • Write notes about any item too.

Premium Collection Features

Every Premium subscription includes these features plus access to more premium tools.

Price Change Icon

  • Quickly see which items in
  • your collection changed value

Sort by Price Change

  • Sort your collection showing
  • items with biggest price changes

Collection Dashboard

  • See more charts and tables
  • summarizing your collection

Grading Recommendations

  • See profitable grading opportunities
  • in your collection.
  • Cards and Comics only

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