Import Your video game Collection Into PriceCharting

Enter a list of video game and we'll import them into your PriceCharting collection. This is the fastest way to import an existing collection. Limit your lists to no more than 5,000 lines. If you collection is larger than this, please break the import up into multiple batches.

Choose the category for your upload
Enter one game and console per line (or card and set per line).
Add "CIB" for complete condition or "Sealed" for brand new

"Call of Duty Black Ops PS3"
"Mario 2 NES Sealed"
"Earthbound SNES CIB"
"Donkey Kong 3 PAL NES"
"Charizard Pokemon Base Set #4"

More Details

Full details on using the importer:

  • Copy a list of your video games
  • Paste the list into the field below
  • Click "Import" button

For Best Results

  • Paste only one game and its console per line
    "Call of Duty Black Ops Playstation 3"
    "Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64"
    "Donkey Kong Country GBA"
  • Add "CIB" to a line if you have the game, box, and manual
    "Mario 2 NES CIB"
  • Add "Sealed" to a line if the game, box, and manual are brand new and sealed
    "Mario 2 NES Sealed"

The tool will do its best to match your video games with a video game in our system. The closer your titles match our names, the better the results. Our tool will do its best to match even with punctuation differences and common nicknames.

You should expect about 90-99% match rate.

We'll tell you if any video game couldn't be matched so you can enter them manually.

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