video game Price & Collection Tracking App


How to Install the App

Follow these steps to add the PriceCharting app to your device home page.

Android Chrome Directions
1. Click icon in upper right
2. Click 'Add to home screen'

Apple Safari Directions
1. Click icon at the bottom
2. Click icon

App Features

  • Prices for every video game for every major console
  • Keep track of your video game collection
  • Easy access from device home page
  • Fast page loading
  • Future: Some offline support

Details About PriceCharting App

The PriceCharting app is a progressive web app instead of a native app. Web apps use normal website code to display the app. They can be downloaded without an app store. And they appear on your home page like native apps. Web apps can be updated instantly too so app users will have the latest features at the same time as website users.

We chose not to create a native app (like those you would download from an app store) because native apps are much more expensive and time consuming to create. Native apps require multiple versions for Android and Apple. And native app updates require app store permissions, which slow app users from using the latest updates.


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