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PriceCharting.com is your source for current and historic prices on over 45,000 video games, consoles & accessories. You can view daily updated prices on almost any video game released on a major console from the original Nintendo to Xbox One. We update our prices daily from sources across the internet so you can be sure the data is accurate and timely. Visit our methodology page to get more information about how we get the prices.

PriceCharting was started by two brothers - JJ Hendricks and Michael Hendricks. JJ was collecting price data for an online video game business he ran. The two brothers thought other game retailers and collectors would find the data helpful. In 2007 they launched PriceCharting - the first publicly available video game price guide.

At launch, we priced about 8,000 games and only in loose condition. Since then, PriceCharting has grown to 45,000 video games for all major consoles. We've added support for all regions of the world (NTSC, PAL, and Japan). We've added prices for Complete in Box, New, Graded, Box only, and Manual only. We've added support for seven languages and seven currencies. And we've added tons of features like our Lot Calculator, eBay Lot Bot, eBay Deal Scanner, and Collection Tracker.

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  • Never overpay when buying a video game
  • Sell your video game for the best price
  • Know if an item is dropping in price so you buy later for a better deal
  • Know when to buy an item because the price is increasing

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