About PriceCharting.com

PriceCharting.com is your source for current and historic prices on over 26,000 video games, consoles & accessories. You can view daily updated prices on almost any video game released on a major console from the original Nintendo to Xbox 360. We update our prices daily from sources across the internet so you can be sure the data is accurate and timely. Visit our methodology page to get more information about how we get the prices.

Site Features

  • 26,000 games with more added all the time
  • Price comparisons from multiple stores
  • Charts for every item showing price changes over time
  • Download game prices with customizable Game Price Guide service
  • Video game news and price analysis in our Video Game Pricing blog
  • Create an account to customize the site and use other tools

Reasons to Use PriceCharting.com

  • Never overpay when buying a video games
  • Sell your items for the best price
  • Know if an item is dropping in price so you buy later for a better deal
  • Know when to buy an item because the price is increasing

Video Game Pricing Analysis

PriceCharting.com also provides analysis of video game prices in our blog. You can find Movers and Shakers; the games that changed prices dramatically, why the price changed, and how you can use the data in the future. The blog also has monthly updates with more in-depth analysis of pricing trends. Which consoles have the highest priced games? Which publishers' games drop in price the fastest?

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