Lot Value Automater: Calculate Value of Any Game, Card, or Comic List

Paste a list of games, cards, or comics and automatically calculate the value of the lot. Works for eBay lots, craigslist lots, emailed lists, or any other list of supported items. All video games must be for the same console.

Free Access: The tool is free to use, but free accounts are limited to lists of ten video games. Access PriceCharting Pro Features and value lots with unlimited video games.

Choose Category: Changing this will clear the form

Choose Console:

Optional: Custom Name for Lot

Limited to 10 items. Access unlimited items with PriceCharting Pro

Tips & Tricks for Lot Automater

Share Results: Anyone can view the results page if you share the custom url. Share the value with friends, co-workers, or on eBay or Craigslist listings.

Lots Are Saved 30 Days: Lot values and video game lists will be saved for 30 days. You can bookmark the page and come back to it anytime before that.

Use Custom Name: Use a custom name before submitting lot. This will be used as the title of the lot and can help with remembering it in the future or when sharing with others.

HTML: The tool will save some HTML when displaying what video games were found. This can be helpful when reviewing a list. For example <br> will make a new line in your list.

Punctuation: All punctuation and new lines will be removed when displaying video games found. Punctuation is removed to help the tool find as many video games as possible regardless of apostrophes, commas, colons, etc.

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