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You can help contribute to PriceCharting and improve the site for everyone. Contributors can edit game data (genre, publisher, upc, etc), add cover art and other photos, and review reported sales.

For data integrity reasons, only accounts with a history and frequent usage are given contributor privileges.

Every change you make will be seen by admin users and your contributor privileges can be revoked. Please make changes responsibly.

How to Add a New Game

You can add a missing card at this link.
Add new Card

How to Add/Edit Cover Art

You can add cover art images we don't have and changes existing images too.

  1. Click the image to edit
  2. Click 'Choose File' button
  3. Choose the new image from your computer
  4. Click 'Update Value' button

How to Add Additional Game Photos

You can add other photos/scans of a game. For example, photo of the cartridge or disc, circuit board, back cover, or items included in a limited edition.

  1. Click the '+ Image' icon
  2. Click 'Choose File' button
  3. Choose the new image from your computer
  4. Give the image a caption. Like: 'Back of Card', 'PSA Graded', 'Beckett', etc
  5. Click 'Update Value' button

How to Edit Game Data

You can edit almost any data about a product on the site. This includes: genre, release date, ESRB rating, publisher, developer, disc count, UPC, and description.

  1. Click the 'edit' link next to data to change
  2. Enter the new data
  3. Click 'Update Value' button

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