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$1,512.50 $0.00 $199.48 $0.00 $137.50 $0.00
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Sale Date Title Price
2022-09-28 Sega Nomad $265.00 Report It
2022-09-28 Sega Nomad $222.00 Report It
2022-09-27 Sega Genesis Nomad with Jungle Strike game $165.25 Report It
2022-09-24 Sega Nomad Tested and Works $299.99 Report It
2022-09-21 Sega Genesis Nomad - Handheld - Battery Pack - Adapter - Working !! Rare ! $370.57 Report It
2022-09-18 Sega Nomad MK-6100 w/ Box & Power Cord Tested & Working Great Condition! $449.99 Report It
2022-09-17 Sega Nomad $224.50 Report It
2022-09-14 Sega Genesis Nomad-great working condition, games, battery pack, & RF Cable  $255.00 Report It
2022-09-13 Sega Nomad With Controller, Ac Adapter And NBA Hangtime Game. Great Condition $217.50 Report It
2022-09-12 Sega Nomad Handheld Console with Battery Pack, AC Adapter, Tested & Working $274.00 Report It
2022-09-11 RARE Sega Nomad Console Boxed This Is For The Working Console & Power Supply $409.04 Report It
2022-09-09 Sega Nomad | Tested | Authentic w/ AC Adaptor, Power Rangers, & Game Genie $275.00 Report It
2022-09-07 Sega Nomad With AC Adapter, AV Cable, Controller, Battery Pack $295.00 Report It
2022-09-06 Official OEM Carrying bag/case with strap for Sega Genesis Nomad handheld $159.00 Report It
2022-09-04 Sega Genesis Nomad Handheld $600.00 Report It
2022-09-01 Sega Nomad w/Battery Pack, Power Supply, and A/V Cable TESTED $285.00 Report It
2022-09-01 Sega Nomad Bundle ! $279.99 Report It
2022-08-22 Sega Nomad TESTED with battery pack! SAME DAY SHIPPING $359.00 Report It
2022-08-20 Sega Genesis Nomad Model MK-6100 w/ RARE 9V AA Battery Pack, Game, Controller $280.67 Report It
2022-08-18 Sega Nomad MK-6100 w/ Box & Mortal Kombat - 100% Original - Tested & Working $444.44 Report It
2022-08-17 Sega Nomad Handheld System Console with Battery Pack & Charger - Works $300.00 Report It
2022-08-08 Sega Nomad | Tested | Authentic $216.50 Report It
2022-08-05 Sega Nomad Handheld System + 2 Fighting Games + AV cables + Battery + AC Plug! $380.00 Report It
2022-08-04 Sega Nomad Handheld Genesis Console System - Tested & Working w/Battery Pack $299.99 Report It
2022-08-03 Sega Genesis Nomad with AC Adapter 1 Game Working Model MK-6100 $202.50 Report It
2022-07-31 Sega Nomad w/ Battery pack and AC Adapter $350.00 Report It
2022-07-30 Sega Nomad Console MK-6100 With Battery Pack Tested Wolverine Adamantium Rage $324.95 Report It
2022-07-28 Sega Nomad Console MK-6100 With Battery Pack And Power Cable Tested Clean VTG $300.00 Report It
2022-07-25 Sega Nomad System w/original box & extras VERY RARE TESTED AND WORKING! $400.00 Report It
2022-07-22 Sega Nomad with Battery Pack and cables $233.09 Report It

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Sale Date Title Price
2021-04-28 Sega Nomad System Console with Original Box & Manual New Glass Screen Lens $435.00 Report It
2020-09-12 NEW Sega Nomad MK-6101 Handheld Console MINT UNUSED NOS $3,995.00
2019-05-10 Sega Genesis Nomad Handheld Console - NEW, UNUSED, COMPLETE IN BOX, SUPER RARE! $999.99

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Sale Date Title Price
2020-03-12 Sega Nomad (Genesis) Box Only Rare! Free Shipping! $199.00
2020-01-28 Sega Nomad (Genesis) Box Only $200.00

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Sega Nomad (Sega Genesis) Details

Genre: Systems
Release Date:
ESRB Rating: Not Applicable
Publisher: Sega
Model Number: #MK-6100
Player Count: 1 player
Notes: none
UPC: 096499102301
ASIN (Amazon): B0001B6QBU
ePID (eBay): 112333033
PriceCharting ID: 19370
Description: The Genesis Nomad, also known as Sega Nomad, is a handheld game console manufactured by Sega and released in North America in October 1995. The Nomad is a portable variation of the Sega Genesis home video game console (known as the Mega Drive outside North America). Based on the Mega Jet, a portable version of the home console designed for use on airline flights in Japan, Nomad was the last handheld console released by Sega. It could also be used with a television set via a video port. Released late in the Genesis era, the Nomad had a short lifespan. It was sold exclusively in North America, and uses regional lockout. Sega's focus on the Sega Saturn left the Nomad under-supported, and it was incompatible with several Genesis peripherals, including the Power Base Converter, the Sega CD, and the 32X. About 1 million units of the Nomad were sold, and it is considered a commercial failure.

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