What is reputation? How does it work?

Everyone on the marketplace has a reputation score. Reputation is a measurement of how much the community trusts a user.

You earn reputation by buying and selling stuff successfully. Other users rate their interactions with you; "Great", "Good", "Ok, "Bad", "Awful".

When selling: make accurate listings, ship items quickly, and be helpful during communications.

When buying: read listings fully and communicate well with the seller.

2,000 is the maximum reputation score for any user.


You gain reputation when:

  • buy or sell item & receive "Great" rating: +2
  • buy or sell item & receive "Good" rating: +1
  • sell item & tracking confirms delivery in 10 days: +2 (only elgible if buyer leaves no feedback)
  • each day starting ten days from first purchase: +1 (up to 50)
  • first & second anniversary of account: +25 each

You lose reputation when:

  • buy or sell item & receive "Awful" rating: -2
  • buy or sell item & receive "Bad" rating: -1
  • have an offer evicted from the site: -2
  • lose a marketplace guarantee claim as a seller: -2

Successful Transaction Percentage

We also calculate a "Successful Transaction Percentage" for all sellers. The score is shown on every item listed for sale.

This score represents the percent of a seller's recent transactions that ended successfully (buyer received what they expected). Only the 20 most recent transactions are included. This prevents past performance from masking recent order problems.

More Details about Reputation

Why does it cost reputation to leave negative feedback?

Negative feedback is serious. It can rightly or wrongly ruin a user's reputation and ability to transact on the marketplace.

By making negative feedback cost something, it ensures people leave accurate feedback.

The vast majority of transactions will receive "Great" ratings and users will quickly gain reputation. Leaving an occasional negative rating, when warranted, will have negligible impact on a good user.

Users who consistently leave or receive negative ratings are a problem on the marketplace. They will have low reputation scores.

Why was my offer "evicted"?

Inaccurate offers will be evicted from the site. They are deceptive to buyers and cause a bad experience.

Mario Kart 64 listed as Super Mario 64 is inaccurate.
Reproductions are inaccurate. Do not sell them.
An item with writing on it, listed as "No blemishes" is inaccurate.
A photo showing disc only, but listed "with Box + Manual" is inaccurate.

Why have a maximum reputation?

Reputation is capped at 2,000 because additional reputation isn't helpful after a certain score. A user with reputation of 2,000 is very trustworthy. A user with 100,000 reputation is very trustworthy.

Really high reputations can mask bad behaviour though. For example, a user with 10,000 rating could sell a string of bad items and rating only drops to 9,900. This same bad behaviour would take 1,000 to 900, which is more substantial.

A maximum reputation accurately conveys trust, but ensures users don't slack off.


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