PriceCharting Indexes

The console/set specific indexes are an average price for a particular group of collectibles. For example the average price of Super Nintendo games or the average price of Pokemon Base Set cards over time.

The indexes show you if the average item is changing in price over time. Are prices increasing overall? Or are they falling? The index is a good indication of the health/popularity of a particular collectible.

How Is the Index Calculated?

Indexes are the average price of all items released for that particular console/set with a few items excluded.

Video Games

Loose Price. The index is an average of the loose (game only) price.

Excludes Variants. For example, Player's Choice, Not for Resale, Greatest Hits, Limited Edition versions are excluded.

Excludes non-commercially released games. Games like Nintendo World Championships are not included because they were not commercially sold.

Excludes unlicensed games. Games like Super Noah's Ark 3D are not included because they were not licensed by the console manufacturer.

Excludes all hardware. The indexes do not include systems, accessories, or controllers.

Trading Cards

Ungraded Price. The index is an average of the ungraded card prices. Graded values are not included.

Excludes Variants. Only base cards are included. For example, 1st Edition, Holo, Reverse Holo, etc versions are excluded.

PriceCharting Vintage video game Index: Average Video Game Price

The PriceCharting Index show the average price of all licensed, commercially released, vintage games.

The PriceCharting Index is an indication of overall vintage video game market. Are vintage video games getting more or less expensive over time?

The PriceCharting Vintage Game Index is calculated on a monthly basis using the average price of every licensed, commercially released, vintage video game.

The vintage index includes these consoles:

Charts Are Interactive

Each chart of the PriceCharting Index is interactive. Use your mouse to hover over the chart and see exact prices and dates along the index.

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