Our Marketplace Guarantee

"Get the item you order or get your money back."


What's Covered by the Guarantee

  • Items not received
  • Items not matching the listing's description

How to Start a Guarantee Claim

  1. Contact Seller: Most problems will be fixed by sending the seller an email. The email address is listed on every listing page you purchase.
  2. Contact Us: Send us an email with information about the item and why you are filing a claim.
  3. Get your money back: We will resolve the problem and give you your money back.

Details and Eligibility For Guarantee

Contact seller first: You must contact the seller before filing a guarantee claim with us.

File Card or Paypal Dispute: In some instances Paypal refuses our attempt to force the seller to refund a payment after a marketplace guarantee decision is reached. When this happens, buyers must file a credit card or Paypal dispute. We will refund your money in full if the credit card or Paypal dispute is not decided in your favor.

Non-receipt: Non-receipt claims need to wait 14 days for delivery before filing a claim. You are eligible for guarantee if the seller cannot provide a tracking number or the tracking number shows no delivery. Tracking numbers showing delivery at your address are not eligible for guarantee.

Not as described: Items not as described must be mailed back to the seller. Buyer must provide a tracking number proving the item was delivered to seller. The buyer pays return shipping costs.

Time limit: Non-receipt claims must be filed within 60 days of payment. Not as described claims must be filed within 15 days of item delivery.


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