PriceCharting Embed Listings Documentation

You can embed any listings from the PriceCharting Marketplace onto another website, blog, or even Facebook. You can customize which listings are shown and how they appear.

Below is the HTML to embed all available listings sorted by the most recent listings first.

Example: All Offers: <iframe src="" width="100%" height="290px" style="border:none;"> </iframe>

Example Result:

Externally Embedded Example


Filter Listings

This section below describes how to change the listings returned. You can show listings from one seller, one product, a particular console, and more.

The src (red portion below) is the part you will be editing to change the results displayed. The beginning portion is always the same. Any filters are preceded by a ? then the filter.

<iframe src="" </iframe>

The example code below shows all sold offers by one seller:

<iframe src="" </iframe>

Below are the options available.

Offer Status (required)
Offers matching a particular status. Valid options are: available, sold, ended
See Example & Try It
User ID for Buyer
All offers bought by a particular user. Your code is in the url of your purchase history page. Other user's ID can be found on their user profile page.
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PriceCharting Unique Console ID
Offers matching a particular console. This number is available in the Console ID Table below.
See Example & Try It
All offers matching a particular genre ("Systems", "RPG", "Puzzle", etc). The genres table shows all the valid options.
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PriceCharting Unique Product ID
Offers matching a single product. This number is available on every game page with "PriceCharting ID" in "Item Details" section, in CSV price guides, and provided in API responses.
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User ID for Seller
All offers created by particular seller. Your code is in the url of your items for sale page. Other user's ID can be found on their user profile page.
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Sort By
Choose how the offers are sorted. Can be: name (alphabetical by product), starts (newly listed offers), lowest-price (lowest price offers).
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Style the Listings

There are several ways to customize the style of the listings.

You can edit the width of the iframe containing the offers.
We recommend leaving this at 100% and placing the iframe inside your own <div> tag and then edit the <div> tag to your exact preferences.
See Example & Try It

<div id="your_own_div"> <iframe src="" width="100%" </iframe> </div>

You can edit the height of the iframe containing the offers.
Setting this to 3200px should remove the scroll bar on the iframe. 300px is one row of listings.
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<iframe src="" height="600px" </iframe>

style="border: none;"
Remove the border around the iframe. This causes the offers to flow with your content more seamlessly. You can also change the color and size of the border.
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<iframe src="" style="border:none;" </iframe>

List View
Display the listings in a list with one listing per row. This compares with the default gallery view which shows multiple listings per row. The format is added to the end of the src url.
See Example & Try It

<iframe src="" </iframe>

Listing Background Color
Change the background color on each individual listing. Use HTML color values.
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<iframe src="" </iframe>

Listing Border Color
Change the border color on each individual listing. Use HTML color values.
See Example & Try It

<iframe src="" </iframe>


Reference Tables

Console ID Table

Console Name ID
3DO G25
Amiga G46
Amiga CD32 G92
Amiibo G56
Arcadia 2001 G91
Atari 2600 G24
Atari 400 G45
Atari 5200 G31
Atari 7800 G33
Atari Lynx G26
Bally Astrocade G90
CD-i G37
Colecovision G30
Commodore 64 G28
Disney Infinity G52
Fairchild Channel F G83
Famicom G55
Game & Watch G68
Game.Com G93
GameBoy G49
GameBoy Advance G1
GameBoy Color G2
Gamecube G3
Intellivision G27
JP GameBoy G112
JP GameBoy Advance G79
JP GameBoy Color G113
JP Gamecube G98
JP Nintendo 64 G99
JP Nintendo DS G111
JP Nintendo Switch G100
JP PC Engine G82
JP Playstation G107
JP Playstation 2 G108
JP Playstation 3 G109
JP Playstation Vita G106
JP Sega Dreamcast G64
JP Sega Game Gear G74
JP Sega Mega Drive G105
JP Sega Saturn G67
JP Virtual Boy G76
JP Wii G102
JP Wii U G104
Jaguar G21
Mini Arcade G69
N-Gage G42
Neo Geo G18
Neo Geo CD G60
Neo Geo Pocket Color G40
Nintendo 3DS G39
Nintendo 64 G4
Nintendo DS G5
Nintendo Power G81
Nintendo Switch G59
Odyssey 2 G36
PAL GameBoy G73
PAL GameBoy Advance G80
PAL GameBoy Color G77
PAL Gamecube G70
PAL Nintendo 3DS G94
PAL Nintendo 64 G62
PAL Nintendo DS G78
PAL Nintendo Switch G87
PAL Playstation G72
PAL Playstation 2 G63
PAL Playstation 3 G75
PAL Playstation 4 G86
PAL Playstation Vita G101
PAL Sega Dreamcast G65
PAL Sega Master System G51
PAL Sega Mega Drive G71
PAL Sega Saturn G97
PAL Super Nintendo G61
PAL Wii G85
PAL Wii U G96
PAL Xbox G88
PAL Xbox 360 G89
PAL Xbox One G95
Playstation G6
Playstation 2 G7
Playstation 3 G12
Playstation 4 G53
Playstation Vita G43
Sega 32X G50
Sega CD G23
Sega Dreamcast G16
Sega Game Gear G20
Sega Genesis G15
Sega Master System G29
Sega Saturn G14
Skylanders G48
Super Famicom G66
Super Nintendo G13
TurboGrafx-16 G19
Vectrex G32
Vic-20 G44
Virtual Boy G22
Wholesale G57
Wii G11
Wii U G47
Xbox G8
Xbox 360 G10
Xbox One G54

Genre Table

Genre Name
Action & Adventure
Extreme Sports
Shoot'em Up

Embedding iframe on Facebook

You can embed your inventory on a Facebook page as well. Below are the steps:

  • Log into Facebook page that you want to add the listings to
  • Add Static HTML app on Facebook
  • Click 'Set up tab` button
  • Paste your iframe code from above into the index.html section (be sure to replace any existing content).
  • Click 'Save & Publish' button
  • Click 'View on Facebook' link

Optional Steps:

You can change the name and order of the new tab using Settings > Edit Page and then dragging tabs to new order.

You can add multiple static tabs (maybe one for N64 games, one for PS2, etc)

  • Go back to the 'Thunderpenny' tab and erase the last part of the url. For example delete /1234567890 so the url ends in /project/your_unique_project_id.
  • Then click 'add a new tab'
  • Repeat steps above
  • You will want to add a console=console_code to the parameters to make each tab console specific.

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