Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set. Complete In Box. FULLY Tested. Contra! (402499648210)

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Value: $107.38
Price: $112.00
US Shipping: $40.00
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Found Value
Contra $26.25 X
Duck Hunt $8.13 X
Nintendo NES Console $45.13 X
Super Mario Bros $12.19 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $6.24 X
Zapper Light Gun $9.44 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo entertainment system nes action set complete box meticulously cleaned tested everything works new 72 pin connector original contra included along with super mario bros/duck hunt

the nes action set was introduced usa november 1998 quickly became most popular nes bundle set

the system being offered includes all oem original equipment unless noted

control deck console with new high quality 72 pin connector read below why this very important

super mario bros / duck hunt game pak by nintendo oh memories

contra game pak by konami up up down down left right left right b select start

clear shell plastic protector for both game paks new can be used display game paks

2 original/classic d pad controllers

zapper gun grey version

rf connector

av cables new

power adapter


bottom foam insert replacement top insert

zapper gun instruction manual

control deck instruction manual

nintendo power magazine insert

retro mario sticker

clean i have meticulously cleaned with isopropyl alcohol control deck inside out controllers zapper including every single groove on handle game paks areas with letters on plastic surfaces cleaned with soap as alcohol can damage letters all cords were also cleaned thoroughly everything was re tested one more time after cleaning

control deck model nes 001 play nes way it was supposed be played not with clones or emulators fully taken apart cleaned inside out controller connectors tight work fine visually inspected board capacitors everything looks ok capacitor integrity important as busted capacitors can be very expensive fix there some old cleaning haze on top portion console mainly on opening flap shell very good shape very clean even game pak bed was cleaned thoroughly

72 pin connector replaced with new high quality replica tested with included game paks also several other game paks ensure it works across broad spectrum this important avoid dreaded nes red blinking light when you insert game paks they will feel tight on 72 pin connector that good thing 72 pin connector printed on board was cleaned thoroughly as well those get very dirty over time can cause blinking red light although game pak bed does go down with spring action it recommended you do not do that with new pin connectors pushing down games was nintendos idea make nes look more like vhs player vhs being very cool at time was major design flaw this system not mention that original 72 pin connector was not best design either wears out quickly if you hold an original 72 pin connector next high quality replacement you can tell difference right away who remembers blowing magic air into game paks no need do that with this system unless you really want

game pak bed replaced game pak bed housing with an original oem fully cleaned bed that fantastic shape spring action works fine i have pictures bed if you want see them

fully works whole system attachments game paks are fully working tested extensively ensure functionality cords are not frayed

game paks have been taken apart cleaned inside out connectors cleaned thoroughly then retested labels shells look almost like new an original contra game pak very good shape like this one worth $30 by itself included with this set

box is 30 years old has its share nicks various sizes here there please refer pictures nicks have been carefully touched up physically not pictures blend with rest box box not pristine but very decent shape considering age box this action set there are two different action set boxes most iconic all nes sets foam insert bottom most important one since it actually holds system contents original top missing but i added home made top styrofoam piece order protect system keep box good shape for many years come

zapper gun works fine with duck hunt game included has been tested on crt tv note zapper only works with crt tv zapper/light gun does not like buffering clean picture hdtvs hyperkin came up with zapper gun adapter for hdtv but i have not tried it

av i have added brand new av yellow red exactly matching console outputs cables so you can just take this system out box enjoy many hours retro gaming or you can use original rf/coax connector both have been tested work fine

shipping $40 estimated usps domestic shipping if international shipping required please message me ahead time shipping simply pass through cost there are absolutely zero handling or packaging costs included depending on location shipping this big 24x20x10 9lb 6oz box not cheap at all my zip code 77005 houston tx i based $40 per quote at local usps office ship midwest if you think your location will cost less then $40 please let me know will ship quickly will be packed with lot care protection for box system

pictures i have posted 12 pictures which limit for listing i have posted what i believe are most important shots however i understand different people will have different drivers for buying an nes system if you need different pictures just let me know

returns i have ensured everything works before listing for sale provided many details please look at pictures carefully i want you be happy with system have done lot testing ensure functionality ensured system super clean if return needed for some critical reason return shipping on your account also please ensure that everything as you received or i will need charge restocking fee if something seems not quite right please do contact me right away we will sort it out quickly i want you have great professional experience

to winning bidder i wish you many hours awesome nes play with this console great 8 bit retro gaming memories also if you have general or specific nes questions just let me know i will be glad include that with winning auction

this beautiful fully working system good luck

up up down down left right left right b select start if you are an only child you probably did not use select this sequence


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