Nintendo NES Lot 34 authentic games, console, controllers, Etc (393710456758)

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Value: $429.99
Price: $127.50
US Shipping: $20.00
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Items Included

Found Value
10-Yard Fight $4.48 X
Athletic World $11.46 X
Bases Loaded $3.44 X
Clu Clu Land $57.02 X
Contra $32.00 X
Double Dribble $5.00 X
Duck Hunt $6.50 X
Excitebike $8.02 X
Faxanadu $10.25 X
Gyromite $5.00 X
Hogan's Alley $6.99 X
Ice Climber $23.58 X
Kid Icarus $25.29 X
Legend of Zelda $28.57 X
Metroid $23.76 X
Milon's Secret Castle $7.95 X
Nintendo NES Console $32.05 X
Paperboy $16.00 X
RBI Baseball 2 $10.25 X
Rygar $14.00 X
Super Mario Bros $19.99 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $16.54 X
Tecmo World Wrestling $7.98 X
Top Gun $3.54 X
Total Recall $8.70 X
Who Framed Roger Rabbit $11.86 X
Wild Gunman $29.77 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes lot 34 authentic games console controllers etc

nintendo game system lot with controller gun nes games lot every item lot various used conditions

lot contains

1 nes game system

34 games listed below alphabetical order

1 controller

1 gun controller

1 power cord

1 antenna plug

10 yard fight

athletic world

bases loaded ii 2

clu clu land


double dribble

duck hunt solo game




hogans alley

ice climber

kid icarus

legend zelda gold cartridge


milons secret castle

nes football


rbi baseball ii rare black cartridge

rush n attack


super mario bros/ duckhunt

super mario bros 3

t c surf design

tecmo world wrestling

teenage mutant njnja turtles

top gun

total recall

wcw wrestling

who framed roger rabbit

wild gunman

left row 12 o sleeves

middle row 9 generic sleeves

right row 13 original nintendo sleeves

refer pics when needed for details items buy as not tested no refunds only us shipping no over seas shipping


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