SEGA Genesis Model 2 and other retro game stuff NES Sony and more (393235311777)

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Value: $70.38
Price: $100.00
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Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction BIN
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Items Included

Found Value
Baseball $5.89 X
Blades of Steel $4.13 X
Caesar's Palace $5.40 X
Days Of Thunder $5.07 X
Duck Hunt $6.59 X
Star Wars $24.95 X
Super Mario Bros $18.35 X
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Listing Description & Photos

this large retro game system accessory sellout auction everything shown listed works great good shape

1 sega genesis model 2 will hookups
1 at games sega genesis with hookups
1 at games legends no hookups but does function uses sega controllers
2 aftermarket sega controllers
6 sega genesis games caesars palace abrams main battle tank big hurt baseball buster douglass boxing mike ditka football mario andrettie racing
3 nes games mario/duck hunt blades steel days thunder
1 nes controller
1 n64 game army men air combat
3 gba games spongebob 2 1 van helsing hot wheels
3 ds games unknown games
2 ds 4 game holding cases
3 ds pens
1 ds charger for car
1 game boy color game ready rumble boxing
1 ps1 controller
1 ps2 wireless controller
2 ps2 8mg memory cards
1 portable powerbank
1 playback electric guitar pedal
1 star wars episode 1 special edition new plastic
1 star wars roleplaying game second edition manual rare

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