MINT CIB Nintendo NES 1985 Action Set w/ SEALED accessories + MINT NES Advantage (385229158336)

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Value: $136.37
Price: $3,799.99
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Items Included

Found Value
Duck Hunt $11.95 X
NES Advantage Controller $19.63 X
Nintendo NES Console $84.33 X
Super Mario Bros $13.96 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $6.50 X
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Listing Description & Photos

hi there

i bring you this collectors dream 1985 nes nintendo bundle; nes action set advantage controller look at degree preservation it like time capsule

check out pics both are mint conditions nes itself still has that new console smell

  • sealed tv adapters a/v cables
  • mint nes advantage controller
  • original plastic bags; console controllers zapper power tv adapters super mario bros/duck hunt game inserts even cords
  • includes all inserts; control deck zapper super mario bros manuals poster nintendo power subscription unfilled warranty
  • includes all nes advantage inserts; nes advantage manual poster nintendo power insert
  • inserts are mint condition
  • nes advantage includes all original inserts manual
  • gray console mint condition and smell no yellowed areas
  • gray mint nes advantage controller no yellowed areas
  • nes power tv cords sealed
  • original boxes near mint condition all flaps
  • nes original styrofoam near mint condition
  • mint duck hunt / super mario bros
  • all inserts for both nes action set nes advantage
  • 2 very good controllers the only items that show slight wear
only details i noticed that nes advantage controller plastic bag has tear zappers cord missing plastic bag thats all

thank you for watching

dont forget check my store 88 mph toysgames&more for more vintage high quality collectibles

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