NES Console Bundle (BEST PINS) + Mario 1 2 3 & Tetris 1 & Tetris 2 - Guaranteed (383582637899)

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Value: $106.01
Price: $199.99
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Found Value
Nintendo NES Console $50.49 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $17.49 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $13.47 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $5.98 X
Tetris $10.97 X
Tetris 2 $7.61 X
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Listing Description & Photos

your satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back

this nes nintendo bundle includes
  • five top nintendo games cartridges only cleaned tested
    super mario bros/duck hunt
    super mario bros 2
    super mario bros 3
    tetris 2
  • nes control deck console with fully refurbished 72 pin connector
  • two controllers
  • new a/c adapter power cord
  • new av cables

  • instructions included
important dust dirt on pins nes games can hinder connections causing games not work properly dust dirt can also transfer console pins causing all other games not work properly this why we clean all our games before we ship them our customers it important for you keep your games connector pins clean after you receive them

to check out other games bundles please visit our ebay store

guarantee we take great pride consoles games we sell we clean test games systems completely when necessary we refurbish consoles their original working condition

we are totally committed making this an easy pleasant transaction for you that means we guarantee all games consoles components will be working order if you have any problems or questions we ask that you contact us we will strive resolve any issues your satisfaction

why refurbished connectors new 72 pin connectors which are manufactured china are less reliable than original 72 pin connectors supplied by nintendo cheaper connectors will not last as long make insertion/removal cartridges difficult death grip frequently have defective pins

even original connectors will get dirty over time if you do not keep your games clean they are still best connectors made however we clean adjust pins bring original connectors back like new working condition

we have tried new connectors past we have found that when properly refurbished original connectors provide better reliability longevity

shipping games ship free us incl ak hi apo/fpo pr as vi ships immediately usually within one business day


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