Nintendo NES-101, 3 x Controllers, Zapper & Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (373527899268)

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Value: $381.34
Price: $290.76
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Items Included

Found Value
Nintendo NES Console $67.68 X
Nintendo World Championship $299.99 X
Quickshot Joystick $8.18 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $5.49 X
Zoomer $0.00 X
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Listing Description & Photos

bundle summary

includes nes console comes with aftermarket ac adapter for nes original classic nes rf switch zoomer controller original nes classic controller svi quickshot joystick controller light gun/nes zapper super mario bros / duck hunt e with cart sleeve

the new style nes also known by its model number nes 101 new nes top loading model or simply top loader compact cost reduced redesigned version home video game console the same name released by nintendo 1993

the 10nes authentication chip was completely removed from system an effort eliminate blinking red power light problem associated with it original nes removal 10nes chip also allows system play games that are unlicensed and/or from different regions such as europe something nes 001 systems cannot do without hardware modification minor side effect that nintendo world championship will not work properly since it needs know when console reset order go back menu this signal only provided by working 10nes on official hardware

condition the console very good condition while additional accessories vary from average very good can be specifically referenced pictures provided with magnification

a picture item working provided above

the penthouse vault these are items from owners personal collection listed with picture from his personal residence these items are often listed via auction with minimum reserve

penthouse vault items all auction with reserve

20th anniversary gba with 14 games nes advantage joystick controller rare nes 101 original top loader console atari 2600 ultra rare mystique swedish erotica custers revenge atari 2600 atari 2600 rare x man with atari 780 prosystem rare jugger mini fridge

questions if you have any additional questions / requests about item please do not hesitate contact us we pride ourselves on transparency will do our best answer all questions

please reference our other items as we are adding our online catalogue daily we ensure all items you purchase are authentic working provide you utmost security your purchase we include unique picture game working so know your item works


all items come with $100 canadian additional postage insurance with added insurance available upon request

for all orders outside canada please include phone number for tracking purposes only we do not verify contact information as this responsibility the seller this information only used for shipping purposes


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