1985 nintendo nes 001 With Satelite And Games (373207706008)

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Value: $244.30
Price: $200.00
US Shipping: $20.00
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Airwolf $5.34 X
Bad Dudes $11.52 X
Black Bass $6.50 X
Days Of Thunder $5.73 X
Double Dragon $11.61 X
Excitebike $8.90 X
Legend of Zelda $24.27 X
Life Force $14.89 X
Major League Baseball $3.75 X
Mega Man 2 $23.50 X
Nintendo NES Console $44.42 X
Othello $3.49 X
Rocket Ranger $7.03 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $14.99 X
Super Spike Volleyball $6.00 X
Top Gun $6.08 X
Vice Project Doom $46.28 X
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Listing Description & Photos

1985 nintendo nes 001 with satelite games condition used sure will need new 72 pin connector found online 16 bucks &yyy160; as games are little loose old school gaming complete with zapper 4 controllers 4 controler satelite missing reciever but can be found for about 5 8 dollars on site several games games priced by sold on site reason feel free research yourself before bid find as bundle still great deal no guarantees havnt been played years powers on all cords ecept satelitte reciever console with cords
zapper satellite controller x4 mega man 2 days thunder air wolf life force zelda 1 major league baseball black bass double dragon bad dudes top gun rocket ranger vice project doom &yyy128563; &yyy160; super spike volleyball othello excitebike football super mario bros 3 check comps on games then come get all mine lol thank you for looking


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