Nintendo NES System Console Bundle 2 Controllers, Av Cords, 11 Games 1 Owner (363684807434)

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Value: $145.91
Price: $48.00
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Items Included

Found Value
Baseball $11.85 X
Bump 'n' Jump $8.22 X
Dr. Mario $8.52 X
Dragon Warrior $12.00 X
Duck Hunt $16.50 X
Jack Nicklaus Golf $2.99 X
Magic Johnson's Fast Break $6.45 X
Nintendo NES Console $50.25 X
Super Mario Bros $14.77 X
Tag Team Wrestling $6.66 X
Track and Field $7.70 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes system console bundle 2 controllers av cords 11 games 1 owner

parents bought this new for me on xmas when i was 5 ive not played it since late 90s it has been my closet ever since it worked when i stopped using it but man it needs good clean good dusting take this into consideration

everything here was purchased new everything pictures included


2 controllers

av cords

game selector unit

power cord

11 games

games are as follows

techno bowl

bump n jump

fast break

dr mario

jack nicklaus golf

simons quest

dragon warrior

mlb 1987

tag team wrestling

nintendo baseball

three game disc

1 super mario

2 duck hunt

3 track field

all i did was plug this it powered on i did not even bother hook it up tv last time i used it over twenty years ago it worked fine it needs cords cleaned up such just dusty dirty from hands over years

just sold my house i just feel like it time move on sell stuff i have been storing for decades i would think this works but idk i didnt hook it up tv as my tv does not have av jacks go figure

questions feel free message me ask

this grab bag so speak im starting bid at 99 if thats what it sells for so be it no reserve just need things gone


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