Nintendo NES w/ 10 games, Game Genie, extras. Tested/Working. Nice!!! (363571611683)

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Value: $139.86
Price: $240.00
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Items Included

Found Value
Arch Rivals $8.00 X
Battletoads $26.06 X
Double Dragon II $12.71 X
Game Genie $24.47 X
Gotcha $6.25 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $3.63 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $9.38 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III The Manhattan Project $39.19 X
Top Gun $3.20 X
WWF Wrestlemania $6.97 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes 10 games game genie extras tested/working nice

read carefully

this my personal nes action set that i got new as xmas gift when i was kid still has original sales price sticker see pic i listed condition as "seller refurbished" as i have refurbished original 72 pin connector by both popular methods listed on internet i have done extensive testing/tweaking can confirm connectors fit with cartridge tight ie no loose pins it works as well as it did when it was new ie vast majority cartridge insertions game comes up perfectly on first try

the action set complete orig booklets see pic everything works it includes 10 games listed below see pic game genie orig code book trackball controller few games have orig booklet few have xerox copied version

super mario bros duck hunt orig booklet
tmnt arcade game
tmnt manhattan project orig booklet
arch rivals
battletoads orig booklet
double dragon ii
top gun

full disclosure action set comes with good new triad ac adapter $12 which actually meets original specifications 9v 13a whereas lot them are cheap dont meet specifications for originalists original ac adapter included however it was damaged by last person use it you know who you are cable cut/fraying i would think that it could be easily spliced with some butt connectors heat shrink tubing less than 5 min fix also you may have noticed from pics theres small piece top styrofoam piece that missing probably broken off that xmas morning rush open/play it finally you probably noticed couple stickers on box 1 on outside 2 on inside these were strategically placed cover couple small boo boos/markings

includes everything as shown see pictures for condition

shipped with usps priority mail

if you have any questions concerns need more info/pics etc ask before bidding im more than happy answer quickly i wont be annoyed/bothered due nature this item selling it online theres lot scammers out there you know who you are shady things that go on you can see from my feedback im an open book 100% positive feedback it does neither one us any good misrepresent whats being sold i genuinely want whoever who buys it be happy with it enjoy it i guess i still have some sentimental/attachment it as i spent good chunk my childhood playing it i guess i could always keep it but ive outgrown playing video games i could really use spare cash these days


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