Original 1986 Nintendo 'Action Set' in Box w NES Zapper, Controllers, & Inserts (363401180727)

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Value: $78.48
Price: $274.00
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Items Included

Found Value
Duck Hunt $7.63 X
Nintendo NES Console $38.96 X
Super Mario Bros $15.14 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $4.13 X
Zapper Light Gun $12.62 X
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Listing Description & Photos

here an original 1986 nintendo entertainment action set its original box this set great condition all original nes ive outlined exactly what you get along with thorough notes on condition below

this lot includes all following original nes pieces

  • nintendo action set cardboard box
  • nintendo action set styrofoam console insert with styrofoam lid
  • nintendo console
  • nes controllers 2
  • nes orange zapper gun with orange zapper gun manual
  • nintendo control deck instruction guide
  • nintendo entertainment system warranty registration guide
  • super mario bros/duck hunt double game w original manual nes sleeve
  • large nes now youre playing with power fold up insert
  • tv/cable connector
  • a/c plug

notes on condition i do not have appropriate tv such test this unit everything looks in order but i cant say for sure regarding its working condition with that said original cardboard box excellent condition very sturdy/strong with very little wear graphics on all four sides are super clean it does have original sale stickers from old department store woolworth i would suggest not trying take them off it will only tear box reduce its value openings on both ends are also great shape there little fraying on edge but no tears or fragility inner laps are still very strong have their original shape this box was not opened closed a bunch times its shows it likely been siting temp controlled space since 80s but ive included several pics box so you can be the judge the styrofoam good condition but does show signs wear zapper gun manual are near mint condition with no signs wear maybe it wasnt used but i cant say for sure both controllers are good shape all inserts have likely been sitting box unhandled they are in excellent shape super mario/duck hunt along with manual looks be great shape too ive included good pics this set so please take look if you have questions please ask we also have more pics available upon request we are limited 12 total here

this set packed ready ship weve done our best keep shipping costs minimum

thanks for checking out this lot


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