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Value: $435.84
Price: $109.95
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Items Included

Found Value
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $10.00 X
Alien Syndrome $15.55 X
Astyanax $6.93 X
Barbie $9.95 X
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting $7.52 X
Baseball $3.22 X
Blades of Steel $5.00 X
Cabal $9.99 X
Chessmaster $3.95 X
Circus Caper $9.80 X
City Connection $9.17 X
Days Of Thunder $5.95 X
Destination Earthstar $3.50 X
Flying Dragon $6.31 X
Golf $4.50 X
Hollywood Squares $8.37 X
Hoops $1.50 X
Hunt for Red October $7.49 X
Jeopardy $3.69 X
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary $3.99 X
John Elway's Quarterback $1.31 X
Kings of the Beach $1.74 X
Magic Darts $7.27 X
Magmax $4.50 X
Nintendo NES Console $54.98 X
Operation Wolf $4.90 X
Play Action Football $1.00 X
Puzzle $17.24 X
Rampart $18.21 X
Renegade $6.91 X
Ring King $10.25 X
Sesame Street Big Bird's Hide and Speak $5.85 X
Shadowgate $11.00 X
Shingen the Ruler $8.96 X
Shooting Range $8.88 X
Skate or Die $4.95 X
Skate or Die 2 $9.61 X
Sky Kid $10.00 X
Solar Jetman $5.72 X
Solomon's Key $10.48 X
Spot $8.83 X
Super Glove Ball $4.66 X
Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet $4.00 X
Super Sprint $5.87 X
Swords and Serpents $6.75 X
Track and Field $7.72 X
Track and Field II $4.99 X
Vindicators $5.75 X
Wall Street Kid $34.49 X
Wheel of Fortune $4.54 X
Winter Games $3.60 X
Wrath of the Black Manta $4.50 X
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Listing Description & Photos

what you get

1 nintendo nes console that has been completely cleaned then had new 72 pin connector installed console good condition but has tiny cracks front back bottom corners top part white part console i have repaired it with super strong epoxy you can barely notice them there also was chip out back left bottom corner white part case i have filled that with epoxy console plays perfeclty every time

2 controllers that are brand new box

2 genuine nes controllers that have been completely taken apart cleaned both controllers work perfecly but do have couple small cuts cord cuts are small do not affect how controlers function

1 power cord that brand new box

1 av cable that will allow you connect system your tv through an auxiliary input

1 super mario bros/duck hunt/world class track meet game pack that has been completely taken apart cleaned tested

plus as bonus you can pick 3 additional game from list below i have organized games categories make finding games you like bit easier

action/adventure 3d worldrunner adventures magic kingdom adventures rad gravity alien syndrome astyanax barbie bill teds excellent video game adventure cabal city connection circus caper cyberniod destination earthstar flying dragon golgo 13 top secret mission the hunt for red october magmax milions secret castle mysery quest operation wolf rampart shadowgate shingen ruler solar jetman solomons key spot video game swords serpents target renegade vindicators wall street kid wrath black manta


10 yard fight al unser jr turbo racing bandai golf challenge pebble beach barker bills trick shooting baseball blades steel bumpn jump days thunder goal golf nintendo black label golf power with greg norman hoops jack nicklaus greatest 18 holes major championship golf john elways quarterback kings beach mach rider magic darts nes play action football ring king shooting range skate or die skate or die 2 sky kid super glove ball super spike vball super sprint t&c surf design track field track field ii winter games world class track meet

puzzle learning game shows

fisher price i can remember chessmaster hollywood squares jeopardy jeopardy 25th anniversary edition super jeopardy sesame street abc sesame street big birds hide speak sesame street countdown wheel fortune

all games accessories have been completely cleaned inside out so you will have perfectly working system right away will not have deal with cleaning anything i use metal safe cleaner q tips clean contacts games remove all residue restore them brand new working condition not all games will be perfect condition but functionality will be fine issues may include label tears scuffs marker writing etc but none will ever have damage such as crack or broken plastic if you are interested condition any particular game please send me question i will be happy inform you any specific game condition


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