Nintendo NES-101 Console +EVERDRVE ROM CART +Lots of Accessories GLOVE WORKING (334029431349)

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Value: $165.52
Price: $300.00
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Items Included

Found Value
Arkanoid $14.05 X
NES Advantage Controller $24.95 X
Nintendo NES Console $38.96 X
Power Glove $74.94 X
Zapper Light Gun $12.62 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo entertainment system nes console megalot

includes following
  • nes 101 top loader style console
  • nes 001 toaster style console missing logo
  • 1 everdrive n8 rom cartridge roms not included
  • 1 16 gb sd card for everdrive
  • 2 standard nes game pads
  • 1 nintendo power glove with pickups
  • 1 grey zapper light gun
  • 1 nes advantage controller
  • 1 ultimate superstick 3rd party controller
  • 1 retroversal ac power adapter aftermarket not original
  • 1 nintendo rf adapter untested
  • 1 coaxial cable with rf adapter use this connect
  • 1 taito arkanoid controller bad/doesnt work
crt television not included

so this mega lot amazing you get toaster you get top loader so you can pick which console you prefer top loader more reliable but toaster has better video output by some standards you get amazing controllers including original grey light gun legendary power glove "i love power glove its so bad" nes advantage controller with turbo buttons an aftermarket nes advantage knock off well 2 standard controllers because sometimes you just want standard controller it also includes taito arkanoid controller however ive never been able get it work maybe you can fix it i dont know

perhaps best thing included this lot an everdrive n8 rom cart with sd card if you load your own roms onto card you can literally play nearly every nes game ever on original hardware using only one cart its so awesome i cant imagine living without it sorry folks but roms are not included they are however pretty easy find online yourself

all you need crt tv you can enjoy original nes experience note zapper light gun requires crt tv it will not work with an lcd or modern tv i have tested everything i can reasonably tests so you should be very happy here

all items will be carefully packaged with bubble wrap securely shipped

important note about vintage video game consoles
older video game systems such as atari 2600 even nintendo entertainment system nes often use an rf output these consoles usually do not work on modern television without using special adapters while you can use standard rf coaxial adapter connect it coaxial port on tv signal itself will not likely be received on modern tv that because video game system outputs on an analogue channel 3 signal since fcc switch over digital tv programming many modern tvs no longer have an analogue receive are otherwise unable receive signal on analogue channel 3 order use console with an rf output it best recommended use an older crt television or older flat panel which can accept an analogue channel 3 signal otherwise please do your homework learn what required connect an old console modern tv

also vintage systems arewellold they will not last forever they often need have capacitors replaced or other electrical problems so there no guarantee that this unit will last for any defined period time

condition almost everything has been tested working as 5/13/2021 except taito arkanoid bad controller which does not seem be working i have not been able test all features power glove controller all items have some cosmetic wear some items better than others original nes 001 toaster console working but has more cosmetic wear nintendo logo has unfortunately been worn off it otherwise works but sometimes fickle as usual nes 101 console works great everdrive n8 rom cart tested working all controllers have minor cosmetic wear nintendo rf adapter has not been tested recommend you use included coaxial cable rf adapter which included

important note on shipping
please be advised that delays postal system are expected i will not guarantee delivery by any specific date refunds for delayed shipping problems will only be considered for items which are delayed for more than 4 weeks

if you have special requests please let me know before bidding/purchasing

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