Classic NES Nintendo Entertainment System Console & Zelda Contra Mario 3 (325436309224)

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Value: $186.86
Price: $99.00
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Items Included

Found Value
Contra $34.48 X
Legend of Zelda $25.18 X
Nintendo NES Console $84.33 X
Power Pad $25.01 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $17.86 X
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Listing Description & Photos

classic nes nintendo entertainment system console zelda contra mario 3

original owner console 1 controller power pad i started list this couple months ago but have somehow lost all my games over years so i purchased contra make sure it still worked i ended up playing it quite bit went back bought zelda mario3 now back original plan im still hoping this will find good home

i was concerned there was an issue at first because i couldnt get any game work i took it back local shop it tested good turns out all my tvs have auto resolution that cant be turned off it couldnt determine how display we tried our oldest tv still pretty new it worked just fine so keep that mind

while at shop tech tightened pins inside console so that it doesnt require you push cartridge down into place you just slide it tech says this will likely loosen over time revert back what most owners experience searching for that perfect position get it all work correctly i was skeptical at first but quick google search enlightened me

ive spent $130 just past couple months as notated below

includes everything necessary plug play


power cord

rf adapter $15

a/v cord

2 controllers 1 original console $15

zelda $30

contra $40

mario3 $30

power pad not tested


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