✪ 163 Tested Unique Nintendo NES games lot ✪ Mario, Turtles, Last Starfighter ✪ (324644337338)

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Value: $1,443.99
Price: $1,200.00
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Ends In: 5 days
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Items Included

Found Value
10-Yard Fight [5 Screw] $5.83 X
1942 $13.48 X
3D WorldRunner $10.25 X
8 Eyes $13.73 X
Addams Family $19.75 X
Adventure Island $14.49 X
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $10.91 X
Adventures of Bayou Billy $6.00 X
Adventures of Dino Riki $9.62 X
Adventures of Lolo $12.74 X
Airwolf $5.64 X
Alpha Mission $8.35 X
American Gladiators $8.26 X
Anticipation $4.20 X
Astyanax $7.84 X
Back to the Future $9.95 X
Bad Dudes $6.95 X
Bad Street Brawler $10.33 X
Bandai Golf Challenge Pebble Beach $1.25 X
Barbie $11.13 X
Baseball Stars $14.83 X
Bases Loaded $4.99 X
Bases Loaded 2 Second Season $2.16 X
Bionic Commando $14.50 X
Black Bass $8.90 X
Blades of Steel $7.28 X
Breakthru [5 Screw] $6.27 X
Cabal $10.65 X
Caveman Games $9.98 X
Circus Caper $9.96 X
City Connection $7.99 X
Cobra Command $11.10 X
Cobra Triangle $9.53 X
Conflict $14.52 X
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum $3.00 X
Days Of Thunder $5.00 X
Deadly Towers $7.02 X
Defender of the Crown $6.65 X
Deja Vu $13.68 X
Demon Sword $11.47 X
Dick Tracy $8.90 X
Double Dragon $12.11 X
Double Dribble $5.65 X
Dr. Mario $7.64 X
Dragon Power $9.50 X
Dragon Spirit $13.48 X
Dragon Warrior $9.94 X
Duck Hunt [5 Screw] $8.49 X
Excitebike [5 Screw] $12.84 X
Faxanadu $11.47 X
Fester's Quest $7.31 X
Flying Dragon $5.66 X
Friday the 13th $17.79 X
Gauntlet $10.55 X
Ghostbusters II $10.99 X
Ghosts 'n Goblins $13.74 X
Gilligan's Island $17.73 X
Golf $5.13 X
Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode $5.21 X
Gyromite [5 Screw] $4.81 X
Hogan's Alley $4.66 X
Hollywood Squares $7.57 X
Hoops $1.01 X
Hudson Hawk $14.99 X
Ice Hockey $4.00 X
Ikari Warriors $8.27 X
Ikari Warriors II $9.05 X
Infiltrator $3.99 X
Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors II $5.47 X
Jackal $13.50 X
Jaws $11.35 X
John Elway's Quarterback $1.39 X
Joust $9.51 X
Karate Champ [5 Screw] $7.49 X
Knight Rider $14.98 X
Last Starfighter $27.94 X
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf $3.74 X
Legacy of the Wizard $8.63 X
Legendary Wings $14.09 X
Little League Baseball $12.50 X
Little Mermaid $14.95 X
Little Nemo The Dream Master $15.37 X
Mad Max $14.95 X
Magmax $5.33 X
Major League Baseball $4.05 X
Marble Madness $9.72 X
Metal Gear $12.84 X
Mickey Mousecapade $7.46 X
Millipede $8.49 X
Mission Impossible $3.80 X
NFL Football $4.35 X
Ninja Gaiden $12.78 X
Nintendo World Cup $4.99 X
Operation Wolf $6.60 X
Othello $2.50 X
Overlord $19.38 X
Pac-Man [Tengen Gray] $14.76 X
Pinball $5.00 X
Play Action Football $1.00 X
Predator $18.25 X
Pro Wrestling $7.16 X
Q*bert $10.56 X
RC Pro-AM $6.99 X
Racket Attack $1.98 X
Rad Racer $6.96 X
Rad Racer II $8.75 X
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves $7.92 X
Rock 'n Ball $6.46 X
Rocket Ranger $3.79 X
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball $4.45 X
Rollerball $6.34 X
Rush'n Attack $9.46 X
Rygar $11.59 X
Sesame Street 123 $4.25 X
Sesame Street ABC $2.31 X
Sesame Street ABC and 123 $9.40 X
Shadowgate $10.30 X
Silent Service $8.49 X
Skate or Die $4.35 X
Skate or Die 2 $8.99 X
Sky Shark $5.02 X
Solar Jetman $6.90 X
Solstice $7.03 X
Spelunker [5 Screw] $12.76 X
Spy Hunter $5.83 X
Spy vs. Spy $9.34 X
Star Tropics $10.20 X
Super Mario Bros $15.14 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $19.40 X
Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet $5.99 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $4.13 X
Super Off Road $10.25 X
Super Pitfall $9.95 X
Super Spike Volleyball and World Cup Soccer $5.97 X
Swords and Serpents $11.15 X
Tecmo Baseball $1.62 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $8.99 X
Tennis [5 Screw] $9.97 X
Tetris $12.95 X
The Goonies II $10.00 X
The Guardian Legend $18.38 X
The Karate Kid $9.02 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants $11.92 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the World $9.99 X
Thunderbirds $9.50 X
Tiger-Heli [5 Screw] $12.99 X
To the Earth $2.00 X
Top Gun $4.79 X
Top Gun The Second Mission $5.81 X
Total Recall $6.61 X
Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood and Water Rage $7.12 X
Track and Field $7.88 X
Trojan [5 Screw] $7.41 X
WWF Wrestlemania $5.65 X
Wheel of Fortune $5.99 X
Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White $4.99 X
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego $8.16 X
Wizards and Warriors $12.50 X
World Class Track Meet $3.81 X
World Games $3.55 X
Xexyz $12.62 X
Yoshi's Cookie $10.39 X
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Listing Description & Photos

✪ 163 tested unique nintendo nes games lot ✪ mario turtles last starfighter ✪ condition "good" shipped with usps first class

i closed video game store year ago was sitting on these as my personal collection but i am getting ready move so selling lot my stuff off

every game has been tested works great

pictures have been uploaded uploaded an imgur album show proof every game working

did not test game batteries

please look at pictures see condition item

vgpc has this lot listed at $140172

will usually ship out shipment same day as payment next business day at latest

complete list games as follows

10 yard fight 5 screw
3d world runner
8 eyes
addams family
adventure island
adventures magic kingdom
adventures bayou billy
adventures dino riki
adventures lolo
alpha mission
american gladiators
back future
bad dudes
bad street brawler
bandai golf challenge pebble beach
baseball stars
bases loaded
bases loaded 2 second season
bionic commando
black bass
blades steel
breakthru 5 screw
caveman games
circus caper
city connection
cobra command
cobra triangle
dash galaxy alien asylum
days thunder
deadly towers
defender crown
deja vu
demon sword
dick tracy
double dragon
double dribble
dr mario
dragon power
dragon spirit
dragon warrior
duck hunt 5 screw
excitebike 5 screw
festers quest
flying dragon
friday 13th
ghostbusters ii
ghosts n goblins
gilligans island
golgo 13 top secret episode
gyromite 5 screw
hogans alley
hollywood squares
hudson hawk
ice hockey
ikari warriors
ikari warriors ii
iron sword wizards warriors ii
john elways quarterback
karate champ 5 screw
knight rider
last starfighter
lee trevinos fighting golf
legacy wizard
legendary wings
little league baseball
little mermaid
little nemo dream master
mad max
major league baseball
marble madness
metal gear
mickey mousecapade
mission impossible
nfl football
ninja gaiden
nintendo world cup
operation wolf
pac man tengen gray
play action football
pro wrestling
rc pro am
racket attack
rad racer
rad racer ii
robin hood prince thieves
rock n ball
rocket ranger
roger clemens mvp baseball
rushn attack
sesame street 123
sesame street abc
sesame street abc 123
silent service
skate or die
skate or die 2
sky shark
solar jetman
spelunker 5 screw
spy hunter
spy vs spy
star tropics
super mario bros 2
super mario bros duck hunt world class track meet
super mario bros duck hunt
super off road
super pitfall
super spike volleyball world cup soccer
swords serpents
tecmo baseball
teenage mutant ninja turtles
tennis 5 screw
the goonies ii
the guardian legend
the karate kid
the simpsons bart vs space mutants
the simpsons bart vs world
tiger heli 5 screw
to earth
top gun
top gun second mission
total recall
town country surf designs wood water rage
track field
trojan 5 screw
wwf wrestlemania
wheel fortune
wheel fortune featuring vanna white
where time carmen sandiego
wizards warriors
world class track meet
world games
yoshis cookie



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