Nintendo NES Lot - 29 Games, 3 Controllers, Zapper, and Game Genie (324294342894)

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Value: $265.01
Price: $122.50
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Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Arch Rivals $7.47 X
Back to the Future $9.44 X
Bases Loaded $4.08 X
Bases Loaded 3 $6.03 X
Bionic Commando $12.85 X
Blaster Master $10.24 X
Cabal $10.15 X
City Connection $7.38 X
Cobra Triangle $7.75 X
Double Dragon II $10.00 X
Duck Tales $20.00 X
Excitebike $8.25 X
Game Genie $23.97 X
Golf $5.95 X
Gotcha $5.90 X
Jeopardy $4.63 X
Othello $3.49 X
Pin-Bot $4.87 X
RC Pro-AM $7.50 X
RoadBlasters $6.00 X
Skate or Die $6.29 X
Super Dodge Ball $13.34 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $20.01 X
Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet $6.56 X
Super Spike Volleyball and World Cup Soccer $6.07 X
Super Sprint $7.25 X
Tecmo Super Bowl $19.99 X
Tetris $9.55 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes lot 29 games 3 controllers zapper game genie condition used shipped with usps priority mail

this my nes collection system has some wear but it works fine number attempts start games varies depending on title games all work but i would recommend pin replacement which pretty standard for this system for whatever reason game genie fits nice tight system so you could always use game genie when playing any game even if you dont plan on using codes we have done that before

the only cable missing red/yellow a/v cable rf switch included

here games list all games work but are varying consider terms label wear

arch rivals
back future
bases loaded
bases loaded 3
bionic commando
blaster master
city connection
cobra triangle
double dragon ii
super mario bros / duck hunt / world class track meet
rc pro am
skate or die
super dodge ball
super mario bros 2
super spike vball / world cup
super sprint
t&c surf designs
tecmo super bowl

system lot sold as

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