Original 1985 Nintendo NES-001 Control Deck w/ original box,games, +more *LOOK* (303728425713)

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Value: $103.47
Price: $99.99
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Games Included

Found Value
10-Yard Fight $6.95 X
Anticipation $4.99 X
Galaga: Demons of Death $11.64 X
Game Genie $26.63 X
Hollywood Squares $7.14 X
Monopoly $4.30 X
RBI Baseball $6.40 X
RC Pro-AM $5.24 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $14.50 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $6.24 X
Zapper Light Gun $9.44 X
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Listing Description & Photos

wow vintage lot nintendo gaming lot includes original 1985 nintendo nes 001 control deck tested works all parts original not worked on tested with all games shown picture all games played within 3 attempts when powering on unit note with exception russian attack batman see later note games description games played great nes 001 comes with 1 controller power adapter rca cables rf adapter all parts oem except rca cables

lot also includes 13 games 8 games have their manuals 4 games come with original nintendo protective sleeves 1 comes with original box

11 tested working games include

1 super mario 3 with manual nintendo marked protective sleeve
2 rc pro am
3 super mario bros/duck hunt
4 rbi baseball with manual original box
5 10 yard fight with manual nintendo protective sleeve
6 hogan alley with manual nintendo protective sleeve
7 hollywood squares with manual
8 monopoly with manual
9 galaga with manual nintendo protective sleeve
10 anticipation with manual
11 iron sword
also included lot are 4 protective sleeve for games they do not include nintendo logo though

2 games tested did not function correctly or get start screen clearly

1 russian attack game will not start clear can here audio
2 batman will load start screen then immediately blanks as soon as music starts
know these 2 games will be included as parts not working note russian attack early 5 screw version

you will also receive game genie for parts only either im testing it wrong or its not working 2 games genie are bonuses if you get them work or know how clean up

last included lot original nintendo action set box very good shape for its age foam insert very good shape as well

bonus lot comes with near mint control deck instructions nm nes original poster alot these things are hard find this kind good shape

note action set missing zapper gun 1 controller

condition items control deck shows evidence use shows subtle scratches minor imperfections consistent with age shelf life

controller shows subtle evidence use cosmetically buttons including reset start are good shape work well

all games are clean good shape except russian attack which has writing on its front batman because they were not working properly

box very good shape it only has one notable imperfection small 1/2 " tear that noticeable if looking for it not so much noticable if wasnt pointed out see picture
note control deck box were not purchased together when new

you get it all please view photos grade condition with your own judgment if you have any questions please ask

thanks smiley


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