🐉 NTSC RGB Palette Region Free MOD Nintendo NES BUNDLE CONSOLE 17 GAMES USA US (294409559865)

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Value: $268.11
Price: $340.07
US Shipping: $58.56
Ends In: 4 days
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Items Included

Found Value
Battletoads $26.06 X
Bionic Commando $13.83 X
Double Dragon $11.90 X
Dr. Mario $6.25 X
Duck Hunt $9.97 X
Duck Tales $20.04 X
Ghosts 'n Goblins $14.49 X
Kabuki Quantum Fighter $26.99 X
Life Force $14.93 X
Little Nemo The Dream Master $9.02 X
M.C. Kids $22.15 X
Ninja Gaiden $13.22 X
Nintendo NES Console $31.00 X
Rolling Thunder $10.12 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $17.01 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $3.63 X
Tetris $9.00 X
The Goonies II $8.50 X
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Listing Description & Photos

ultimate nintendo ntsc nes bundle with many modifications console very clean still its original colour unlike most nes console that go yellow from being left sun

the console us/candian version so us games play at proper 60 htz speed unlike europe where we only got 50 htz

it comes with official uk power supply so you do not need step down converter play uk

the console has had following modifications work done it ensure long life better picture quality

rgb mod for better picture quality has had new socket on back photo 6 you can plug rgb cable from retrogmaingcable

super high quality arguably best rgb cables you can buy

region free mod lockout chip disabled so you can pal european games

however check into which games run well which ones dont if you plan on doing this as some games require their original region console work properly battletoads being good example

palette switch mod switch under console see photo 9

to change colour palette console it has 3 settings normal improved garish

recapped sure long life console

cartridge slot cleaned to sure long life console when testing all games before sale only couple games did not load first time but did after another attempt

17 usa games

mc kids mckids

little nemo dream master

kabuki quantum fighter

life force

ninja gaiden

rolling thunder

super mario bros/duck hunt duck hunt require gun work which not included

super mario bros 3



bionic commando

double dragon

dr mario


ghosts n goblins

the goonies ii

please check out my other ntsc american games for sale on ebay


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