Nintendo (NES) Console Bundle | New HQ 72-Pin | Lockout-Chip Disabled | 11 Games (284521411312)

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Value: $127.17
Price: $125.00
US Shipping: $19.99
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Items Included

Found Value
8 Eyes $15.00 X
Baseball $3.97 X
Captain Skyhawk $4.16 X
Dr. Mario $9.56 X
Guerrilla War $12.93 X
Ikari Warriors $8.00 X
Marble Madness $7.07 X
Mighty Bomb Jack $10.47 X
Nintendo NES Console $32.05 X
Rampart $15.98 X
Solar Jetman $7.98 X
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Listing Description & Photos

up for sale refurbished original nintendo nes console bundle with 11 games 1 controller

console its been cleaned from inside out brand new high quality 72 pin has been installed giving system many more years life lockout chip has been disabled which means no more blinking red light cosmetically system solid with no chipped corners

games every single game has been taken apart had its contacts polished clean from many years oxidation corrosion all games work as they should there no marker no stickers no grime on any games

1 dr mario

2 8 eyes

3 mighty bomb jack

4 guerrilla war

5 rampart

6 dejavu

7 ikari warriors

8 marble madness

9 solar jetman

10 captain skyhawk

11 baseball

controller has been cleaned tested works as it should

shipping fast secure with tracking

please keep mind even though these nintendo items have been refurbished they are over 35 years old just like 80s may take few trys get working sometimes

trusted seller since 2014 100% rating with almost 600 transactions

thanks for looking


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