Collection VGA, Wata, CIB, Sealed Nintendo NES, Atari DS Wii PS2 SNES Switch Lot (284425873635)

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Value: $173.44
Price: $14,999.00
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Ends In: 2 days
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Items Included

Found Value
Castlevania $29.53 X
Legend of Zelda $28.50 X
Ninja Gaiden $12.64 X
Nintendo World Championship [Reproduction] $72.77 X
Star Wars $26.87 X
Top Gun $3.13 X
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Listing Description & Photos

this my entire collection sealed vga cib wata graded games also included are cib nes games most boxes cartridges manuals being excellent shape 3 switch games are sealed as lego indiana jones 2 for wii top gun for nes signed by angry video game nerd avgn james rolfe ninja gaiden trilogy for snes real; im only mentioning it because there are reproductions floating out there includes 2 nes games castlevania blood moon zelda curse from outskirts star wars game escapists are limited run games nintendo world championships reproduction cart cib with its mint condition poster most cib games come acrylic cases for protectionif you have any questions dont hesitate ask


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