Nintendo NES REFURBISHED Console Original System Bundle Zapper w/Hogan's Alley (274467429437)

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Value: $131.05
Price: $119.95
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Games Included

Found Value
Alpha Mission $5.30 X
Cobra Triangle $7.75 X
Hogan's Alley $7.38 X
Iron Tank $7.63 X
Knight Rider $8.87 X
Major League Baseball $3.75 X
Mission Impossible $5.25 X
NARC $6.95 X
Nintendo NES Console $44.42 X
Operation Wolf $6.96 X
Platoon $6.00 X
To the Earth $4.39 X
Top Gun $6.08 X
Zapper Light Gun $10.32 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes refurbished console original system bundle zapper with 13 games condition refurbished shipped with usps priority mail

great nintendo starter package console games controllers have all been cleaned tested are guaraneed work flawlessly or your money back cleaned tested working refurbished&yyy160;nes 001 console system with 13 games all games have been opened cleaned copper contacts have been polished then all games were tested working original ac adapter power pack nes 002 new av cables&yyy160;2 original nes 004&yyy160;controllers nes 005 zapper light gun

ready play right out box here what included

&yyy8226;&yyy160;clean nes console with brand new 72 pin connector disabled lock out chip no more blinking light

&yyy8226;&yyy160;2 original nes 004 controllers original nes 005 zapper light gun

&yyy8226;&yyy160;original ac adapter nes 002

&yyy8226;&yyy160;new av cables

&yyy8226; includes 13 games
&yyy160;hogans alley top gun operation wolf mission impossible platoon knight rider cobra triangle narc alpha mission iron tank earth destination earth star major league baseball

everything guaranteed work or your money back

all items are great used condition may have minor signs previous use

zapper only works on crt tube televisions it not compatible with modern flat screen televisions plasma lcd led etc you will need an older style tv for zapper gun work properly

brand new nes 72 pin connector

nes blinking lights or blank screen are usually caused by bad connection between cartridge console bad connection caused by worn out 72 pin connector from inserting removing game cartridges repeatedly over time with brand new 72 pin connector games will load quicker assuming that game cartridges are cleaned screws are tightend some older game cartridges may need 3 or 5 screws on back cartridge be tightend if cartridge still loose then little wiggle as cartridge itself worn not because console

why disabled lockout chip

the lockout chip nes was included prevent pirated games from running console it also reason that you get blinking screen often malfunction between console game cartridges if consoles lockout chip cartridges lockout chip dont communicate then game wont play half time its not because dirty contacts games would run fine if it werent for lockout chips disabling it means much higher success rate

please contact me with any questions or if you would like more pictures thank you


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