Original NES Console, 4 Controllers, Zapper, 10 games - all working (274439953066)

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Value: $163.99
Price: $188.50
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Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Dragon Warrior $7.58 X
Legend of Zelda $21.93 X
Nintendo NES Console $44.00 X
Star Tropics $10.11 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $14.11 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $6.81 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $7.06 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III The Manhattan Project $25.00 X
Tetris $8.09 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the World $9.27 X
Zapper Light Gun $10.03 X
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Listing Description & Photos

selling my personal nes console small collection some my favorite games included this auction
  • nes console
  • 4 controllers
  • zapper gun
  • games
    • super mario bros / duck hunt
    • super mario 3
    • the legend zelda gold cartridge
    • tetris
    • dragon warrior
    • teenage mutant ninja turtles
    • teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 manhattan project
    • star tropics
    • the simpsons bart vs world
    • retrozone powerpak compactflash flash cartridge
  • 9 nintendo branded plastic cartridge sleeves
  • usb compactflash adapter
  • rca a/v cable
  • ac power adapter
  • extra main cartridge edge connector for console not pictured
  • screwdriver bit for opening game cartridges not pictured
everything included has been tested this morning works cartridge connector on console little flaky probably needs adjustment cleaning or replacement works best when carts are inserted but not pushed down all four controllers work no buttons are sticky zapper appears work fires but cant test fully without an old tv all games boot up play no idea if any memory batteries need be replaced inside cartridges powerpak works included flash card works

pictures accurately show condition everything included some gray plastic yellowing with age there are various minor scratches marks someone wrote on zelda cart with sharpie thanks "scott"

i hope someone out there will enjoy this as much as i have or will at least find some missing pieces complete collection thanks for looking

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