Nintendo NES System Lot with 10 Games (Mario 1 and 2!) 2 controllers 1 light gun (274408995394)

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Value: $76.33
Price: $49.99
US Shipping: $21.10
Ends In: Closed
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Games Included

Found Value
Firehawk $10.76 X
Friday the 13th $12.53 X
Gotcha $5.60 X
Jaws $7.88 X
Jordan vs Bird One on One $5.69 X
Major League Baseball $3.30 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $17.49 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $5.98 X
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge $7.10 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes complete system with 10 games 2 original controllers light gun all necessary wiring included this system clean great condition everything included authentic shipped via usps flat rate priority mail

games include

super mario bros/duck hunt
super mario bros 2
jordan vs bird one on one
friday 13th
major league baseball
wwe wrestlemania challenge


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