NES Nintendo Lot of 4 TMNT Flying Dragon Super Mario Bros+Duck Double Dragon II (264787884749)

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Found Value
Double Dragon II $8.99 X
Duck Hunt $5.69 X
Flying Dragon $6.93 X
Nintendo NES Console $44.00 X
Super Mario Bros $8.60 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $6.81 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $7.06 X
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Listing Description & Photos

lot 4 nes games
super mario bros duck hunt
double dragon ii revenge
flying dragon secret scroll
teenage mutant ninja turtles tmnt

product information
the "teenage mutant ninja turtles" game for nintendo entertainment system loosely based on 1987 cartoon same name after it was released may 1989 it became one consoles most popular games although it uses same characters game features an original story created just for nes story turtles are out grab life transformer gun from evil shredder with this gun they can turn their sensei master splinter from rat back into human along way turtles must also rescue april even splinter after foot clan takes them this game action genre will take average gamer roughly 3 4 hours finish its high difficulty level will ensure you wont finish it on first try which translates into hours enjoyable replayabilityas youd expect from "teenage mutant ninja turtles" game you can play as all four turtles each "tmnt" characters controlled same way but sports different weapons donatello attacks with his long bo staff giving him longer reach than his brothers raphael attacks with his sai making up for his lack range with fast attack speed each mutant ninja turtle has his own life bar when health one turtle gets low you can swap another character instantly finding eating pizza levels will restore tmnt back full health if one team members runs out health that means hes out action permanently teenage mutant ninja turtles can also find additional weapons use including shurikens scrolls"teenage mutant ninja turtles" for nes takes place over course six levels levels these games occur environments ranging from sewers technodrome while core these levels features platforming action player will be frequently introduced new gameplay activities for example level 2 you will need swim underwater disarm eight bombs stage 3 youll take control turtle van drive around city also explore on foot locating missiles destroy barricades youll fight large number enemies "teenage mutant ninja turtles" games for nes youll fight "tmnt" mainstays such as bebop rocksteady shredder youll also fight brand new enemies created just for this versionthe graphics for this nintendo title are mixture cartoon original comic book heroes themselves resemble their comic counterparts but they sport colored masks from cartoon levels themselves also feature darker color palette music this nes title was composed by jun funahashi who also worked on number konami titles "teenage mutant ninja turtles" for nes sold millions copies this popular nintendo game can still be blast for fans franchise if youre looking for fast paced action game with your favorite scaly heroes then you can like variety content found this title

product identifiers
gameteenage mutant ninja turtles

key features
platformnintendo entertainment system
esrb ratinge everyone
genreaction action adventure

tech details
control elementsgamepad gamepad/joystick joystick
number players1
release year1989

product identifiers
publisherculture brain usa inc
gameflying dragon secret scroll

key features
platformnintendo entertainment system

tech details
number players1
release year1989

product information
while many fighting games have you rescuing kidnap victims "double dragon ii" discovers what happens when would be kidnap victim killed now billy lee jimmy lee have fight their way through nine missions defeat shadow warriors avenge marians death with multiple difficulty modes cooperative gameplay playing characters who are getting revenge lot fun this classic action based nintendo entertainment system release"double dragon ii" for nintendo system quite different from arcade game that shares its name developer technos japan made this game with intention having it play strengths nintendo system nes version game features nine levels uses enemies that are different from ones appearing arcade version with most them also being different from first game what two versions have common control scheme main characters plot even if youve played original japanese arcade release nes one worth playingthe control scheme "double dragon ii" has been completely overhauled where your character punches kicks dependent on where your character standing for example when your character facing right one button punches forward while other kicks back if your character faces other way these attacks are reversed once you master these fighting skills you are able effectively get revenge on any enemy that comes your way addition there are special moves you can perform by pressing combination buttons for example press both buttons simultaneously during fight pull off spinning cyclone kick this powerful attack decimates foes on either side you this sequel features graphics that have been improved since first game character sprites are larger more colorful "double dragon ii" has increased speed up ability vividly colored backgrounds feature more details this remains case even when playing two player mode there also very little text that appears game most time there just line dialogue between stages allowing you simply play game features three different difficulty modes ranging from practice supreme master difficulty level you select impacts amount health your enemies have it also impacts just how much game you play for example setting difficulty on practice mode allows you play through first three stages meanwhile starting on supreme master setting lets you play through all levels gamewhile it was released 1987 comes standard gray nes cartridge "double dragon ii" remains an enjoyable game whether playing solo or with friend have blast getting revenge against enemy this title classic eyes many gamers after one playthrough its likely youll feel same

product identifiers
publisheracclaim entertainment
gamedouble dragon ii revenge
mpnnes w2
key features
platformnintendo entertainment system
esrb ratinge10 everyone 10
genreaction action adventure fighting

tech details
number players1 2
release year1990
game special features
  • based on arcade smash
  • 1 2 player simulaneous head head action
  • 9 incredible missions
  • all new martial arts maneuvers

  • condition pre owned please see pictures for full details

    product information
    super mario bros duck hunt are among classic iconic nintendo entertainment system video games that served as catalyst for billion dollar industry super mario bros started what became one most successful titles video games while duck hunt on other hand gained more attention after it was packed with super mario bros title super mario bros/duck hunt combo provide hours fun nostalgia still addictive gameplay these titles came at time when playing video games was easy intuitive were wholesome enough for whole family enjoy

    product identifiers
    gamesuper mario bros / duck hunt

    key features
    platformnintendo entertainment system
    esrb ratinge everyone
    genrearcade compilation

    tech details
    control elementsgamepad/joystick gun
    number players1 2
    release year1985
    game seriessuper mario series

    condition pre owned please see pictures for full details

    important information

    please note that this item ships from canada

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