Nintendo NES Console Bundle! w/ Zapper Controllers Cables (11 Games w/ Manuals!) (233747379517)

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Value: $143.87
Price: $81.00
US Shipping: $25.95
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Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Captain Skyhawk $4.64 X
Dragon Spirit $10.15 X
Duck Hunt $8.13 X
Hollywood Squares $7.14 X
Mission Impossible $5.00 X
Nintendo NES Console $45.13 X
Nintendo World Cup $5.68 X
Play Action Football $4.14 X
Punch-Out $12.23 X
Super Mario Bros $12.19 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $14.50 X
WWF Wrestlemania $4.94 X
Wall Street Kid $10.00 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes console bundle zapper controllers cables 11 games manuals

"the nintendo entertainment system nes an 8 bit third generation home video game console produced by nintendo nintendo first released it japan as family computer commonly known as famicom 1983 nes remodelled version was released internationally following years nes featured number groundbreaking games that defined decade plus as one best selling gaming consoles its time nes helped revitalize us video game industry following video game crash 1983" wiki

heres what youll get
  • nes console
  • two controllers
  • nes zapper
  • tv rf adapter
  • ac power adapter
  • 11 games manuals sleeves some boxes promos/poster

heres game listing all genuine/original
  1. super mario/duck hunt manual sleeve promo
  2. super mario 3 manual sleeve
  3. punch out manual sleeve
  4. dragon spirit manual sleeve
  5. wwf wrestlemania manual sleeve poster
  6. wall street kid manual sleeve promos
  7. nintendo world cup manual sleeve
  8. nes play action football manual sleeve
  9. hollywood squares box manual sleeve promo
  10. mission impossible box manual sleeve promos
  11. captain skyhawk box manual sleeve promos

the items are used but good condition

console has chipped at top upper corner abrasions seen on various screw holes one missing rubber pad on upper left hand corner

all games are great condition; some manuals/sleeves/boxes have age/wear them

everything else good great condition please look at all photos for better inspection judgement

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