Original Nintendo NES Console System Bundle NES-001 & Super Mario Bros *TESTED* (224709699234)

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Value: $96,635.60
Price: $54.00
US Shipping: $20.00
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Items Included

Found Value
Conflict $12.89 X
Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events $13,041.83 X
Legend of Zelda $28.57 X
Little Samson $2,225.66 X
Metroid $23.76 X
Nintendo NES Console $32.05 X
Nintendo World Championship $62,100.00 X
Nintendo World Championship Gold $19,150.85 X
Super Mario Bros $19.99 X
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Listing Description & Photos

you are buying an extremely rare original authentic piece my childhood nintendo nes 001 classic with several controllers 2x original controllers 2x additional max controller for those cheaters out there two adapters power supply everything you see photos

this has been sitting for years so i cleaned it off blew some air inside stuck mario figured out how get my hdtv accept an analog signal boom back my childhood see pictures since i was playing it for few minutes before kids asked me why im so old

it comes with everything you see photos selling "as is" but it works as you can see

the nintendo entertainment system nes an 8 bit third generation home video game console produced by nintendo it was first released as family computer fc commonly known as famicom 1983 japan nes redesigned version made its debut american test markets october 1985 before becoming widely available rest north america other countries

after developing series successful arcade games early 1980s nintendo planned create home video game console rejecting proposals for more complex console president hiroshi yamauchi called for simple cheap design that ran games stored on cartridges controller design was reused from nintendos portable game watch games several add ons were released such as light gun for shooting games

the nes featured number groundbreaking games such as platform game super mario bros action adventure games legend zelda metroid each which became long running nintendo franchises one bestselling consoles its time nes helped revitalize us video game industry following video game crash 1983 it introduced now standard business model licensing third party developers produce distribute games nes was succeeded 1990 by super nintendo entertainment system

what 1985 nes 001 worth

$13 000apparently calling this household ubiquity an nes 001 instead plain old nes makes it worth $13 000 thats according some schmoe on a&es storage wars which about those who buy up miserable peoples abandoned storage lockers try make more than they spent off their contents

what are most valuable nintendo games

the 18 rarest nintendo games how much theyre worth 1 nintendo campus challenge 19912 nintendo world championship gold cartridge 3 nintendo world championship grey cartridge 4 stadium events 5 hagane final conflict 6 nintendo campus challenge 1992 7 little samson more itemsnov 25 2020

is my nes worth money

the nes as today sells for $40 $575 depending on condition console itself if you have all accessories including original box cables controllers if youre looking buy bare console with no box or games then you can easily find one for around $40 mark


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