Original NES Nintendo Deluxe Set With ROB The Robot W/ Box, 20 Games & More! (195457109229)

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Value: $144.03
Price: $999.97
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Items Included

Found Value
Duck Hunt $11.95 X
Game Genie $18.23 X
Gyromite $16.99 X
NES Advantage Controller $19.87 X
ROB the Robot $76.99 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original nes nintendo deluxe set with rob robot box 20 games more

this for rob robot deluxe nes set box has some wear see pics box contents will be protective plastic case that will be included unfortunately there slight smoke odor from previous user when system rob were tested as september 2022 they both worked systems game hinge little worn so sometimes when ejecting you have help game up slightly eject system also has some slight yellowing it will come with with set up instruction guide but it has some heavy wear both gun 2 controllers work does not come with top part styrofoam

will come with duck hunt gyromite both with their manuals will also come with 17 other games that are pictured plus game genie most other games have manuals with them as well will also come with few extra random manuals posters will include an official nintendo players guide although it does have some wear an nes advantage controller also included

overall system has some wear but can still be great display piece


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