Nintendo NES Console Games Bundle AVS, 256 games, 1 duplicate, games in desc. (194047668573)

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Value: $1,843.85
Price: $4,900.00
US Shipping: $50.00
Ends In: 11 days
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Items Included

Found Value
3D WorldRunner $9.50 X
A Nightmare on Elm Street $62.98 X
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $10.00 X
Adventures of Bayou Billy $3.87 X
Adventures of Tom Sawyer $12.25 X
Baseball $3.22 X
Bases Loaded $4.49 X
Blades of Steel $5.00 X
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle $11.65 X
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers $15.75 X
Commando $6.12 X
Contra $32.99 X
Contra Force $132.28 X
Felix the Cat $115.30 X
Flintstones The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy $24.95 X
Fun House $10.60 X
Game Genie $19.12 X
Golf $4.50 X
Hollywood Squares $7.90 X
Ice Climber $21.01 X
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom $8.20 X
Jeopardy $3.69 X
Karate Champ $4.46 X
Kings of the Beach $1.74 X
Klax $8.56 X
Legend of Zelda $29.84 X
M.C. Kids $21.16 X
MTV Remote Control $3.99 X
Mario Is Missing $25.77 X
Mega Man $82.25 X
Metroid $21.41 X
Mickey Mousecapade $5.55 X
Monster Truck Rally $15.19 X
Mystery Quest $6.00 X
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword of Chaos $14.50 X
Paperboy 2 $15.38 X
Pinball Quest $10.26 X
Platoon $3.22 X
Popeye $21.57 X
Predator $16.48 X
Puzzle $17.24 X
RBI Baseball $6.68 X
RBI Baseball 2 $8.22 X
RBI Baseball 3 $11.28 X
RC Pro-AM $4.35 X
RC Pro-AM II $108.40 X
Rad Racer $7.49 X
Rampage $15.25 X
Rampart $18.21 X
Rescue the Embassy Mission $5.00 X
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves $7.64 X
RoboCop 2 $16.49 X
Robocop $5.23 X
Robocop 3 $35.26 X
Rocket Ranger $4.02 X
Rygar $12.71 X
Sesame Street Countdown $13.47 X
Side Pocket $4.11 X
Silent Service $3.57 X
Skate or Die 2 $9.61 X
Star Tropics $10.00 X
Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge $12.77 X
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back $31.38 X
Street Cop $37.25 X
Super Glove Ball $4.66 X
Super Mario Bros $18.05 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $21.86 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $23.36 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $4.47 X
Super Spike Volleyball $2.62 X
Taboo the Sixth Sense $4.36 X
Tag Team Wrestling $3.04 X
TaleSpin $15.00 X
Tecmo Bowl $11.47 X
Tecmo Cup Soccer $68.11 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $6.93 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters $178.23 X
Tetris $11.73 X
Tetris 2 $7.13 X
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends $12.36 X
The Karate Kid $10.50 X
The Magic of Scheherazade $15.25 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants $10.12 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the World $7.67 X
Tiger-Heli $3.97 X
Tiny Toon Adventures $14.38 X
Top Gun $2.91 X
Total Recall $7.13 X
Uninvited $68.90 X
Vegas Dream $1.40 X
WWF Wrestlemania $5.50 X
Wall Street Kid $34.49 X
Wheel of Fortune $4.54 X
Wheel of Fortune Family Edition $2.51 X
Where's Waldo $7.65 X
Win Lose or Draw $2.25 X
Wrath of the Black Manta $4.50 X
Yoshi's Cookie $8.47 X
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Listing Description & Photos

i have nintendo with 3 controllers gun an avs game genie 256 games 15 cib cleaner cartridge 183 dust covers 83 plain black 10 clear 90 with nintendo logo rest are clear plastic cases for sale i will try be as honest accurate as possible

the only duplicate game bases loaded 2 one cib one just cartridge i also have 2 blades steel one grey label one red label cib

some notable games mega man 1 6 contra 1 2 3 rc pro am 2 felix cat lion king cib german ice climber cib bases loaded 1 4 robocop 1 3 tmnt tournament fighters many more

games mostly alphabetical order cib means complete box

1 3d worldrunner some label peeled off


310 yard fight



6a boy his blob

7a nightmare on elm street

8addams family

9adventure island

10adventure island 2

11adventure island 3

12adventures bayou billy

13adventures rocky bullwinkle

14adventures tom sawyer


16american gladiators


18arch rivals

19attack killer tomatoes

20back future

21ballon fight

22bandai golf pebble beach

23bases loaded

24bases loaded 2 cib

25 bases loaded 2

26bases loaded 3

27bases loaded 4


29batman returns

30battle chess


32beetlejuice top flap label has some creases

33bible adventures


35big nose caveman

36bill elliotts nascar challenge with box

37bionic commando

38black bass

39blades steel

40blades steel with red label cib

41blaster master


43bubble bobble

44bugs bunny birthday blowout

45bugs bunny crazy castle


47california games

48captain skyhawk cib

49casino kid



52castlevania 2

53castlevania 3

54championship pool bottom half label peeled off

55chessmaster cib

56chipndales rescue rangers top label scratched

57city connection

58cobra triangle



61super c some scratches on label

62 contra force


64cyber stadium series base wars

65dash galaxy alien asylum flap has some scratches

66days thunder

67deathbots top flap peeled off

68death race

69disney adventures magic kingdom


71donkey kong classics

72donkey kong 2 snes game on nes cartridge

73donkey kong 3

74double dare

75double dragon

76double dragon 2

77double dragon 3

78double dribble

79dr jekyll mr hyde

80dragon spirit

81dragon warrior

82duck tales


84exodus journey promised land

85f 15 city war

86family feud cib

87felix cat

88festers quest

89fisher price firehouse rescue

90fisher price i can remember

91fisher price perfect fit

92flintstones rescue dino hoppy

93flying dragon secret scroll

94friday 13th

95garry kitchens battle tank

96gauntlet 2

97ghostbusters some scratches on label


99gi joe real american hero scratches on label

100gi joe atlantis factor

101goal cib

102goonies 2

103 guerilla war

104gun smoke

105gyromite few scratches on flap

106harlem globetrotters

107hogans alley

108 hollywood squares cib

109home alone

110home alone 2


112hunt for red october


114 ice climber cib box rough shape see pictures

115ice hockey

116indiana jones temple doom

117ikari warriors

118ikari warriors 2

119ikari warriors 3

120iron tank

121ivan stewart off road racing




125jeopardy jr edition

126jeopardy 25th anniversary edition

127super jeopardy

128john elways quarterback

129 karate champ

130 karate kid

131kabuki quantum fighter top flap peeled up

132king kings cib

133 kings beach

134kirbys adventure

135 klax

136knight rider

137krustys fun house

138little nemo dream master cib

139the lion king cib german

140lode runner

141 mc kids

142mach rider

143 magic scheherazade

144major league baseball

145maniac mansion

146marble madness

147 mario missing

148master chu drunkard hu

149mega man 1

150mega man 2

151mega man 3

152mega man 4

153mega man 5

154mega man 6

155metal gear

156 metroid

157 mickey mousecapade

158micro machines

159mighty bomb jack


161 monster truck rally

162mtv remote control

163 mystery quest

164nes football cib

165ninja gaiden

166 ninja gaiden 2

167north south

168operation wolf

169orb 3d


171 paperboy 2


173 pinball quest

174 platoon

175 popeye

176 predator

177punchout has marker line across front

178 puzzle

179 qix flap has sticker damage

180q bert

181 rad racer


183 rampage

184 rampart

185 rbi baseball

186 rbi baseball 2

187 rbi baseball 3

188 rc pro am

189 rc pro am 2

190 rescue embassy mission

191 robin hood prince thieves

192 robocop

193 robocop 2

194 robocop 3

195 rocket ranger

196 rygar

197sesame street 123 cib

198 sesame street countdown

199 sesame street hide speak

200 side pocket

201 silent service

202 simpsons bart vs space mutants

203 simpsons bart vs world

204 simpsons bart meets radioactive man

205skate or die

206 skate or die 2 label has some scratches

207 smurfs

208 star tropics

209 star tropics 2 zodas revenge

210 star wars empire strikes back cib

211 street cop

212 super glove ball

213 super mario bros/duck hunt

214 super mario/tetris/world cup

215 super mario bros 2

216 super mario bros 3

217 super mario bros 3 mix aftermarket game

218 super spike volleyball/world cup

219super sprint

220 super tecmo bowl cib

221 t c surf design wood water rage

222 taboo sixth sense

223 tag team wrestling

224 talespin top flap peeled up but good shape

225 tecmo cup soccer game

226 tecmo bowl cib

227terminator 2

228 tetris

229 tetris 2

230 tmnt

231 tmnt 2

232 tmnt 3

233 tmnt tournament fighters

234three stooges

235 tiger heli

236time lord

237 tiny toon adventures

238top gun

239 top gun 2nd mission

240 total recall

241 uninvited

242 vegas dream

243 wall street kid

244 wheel fortune

245 wheel fortune family edition

246 wheel fortune ft vanna white

247 wheel fortune jr edition

248 where time carmen san diego

249wally bear no gang

250 wheres waldo

251 win lose or draw

252 wrath black manta

253 wwf wrestlemania

254 yoshis cookie

255 zelda adventures link

256 zelda 2 legend zelda

please forgive any misspellings value everything not including dust covers game genie over $5000 i loved collecting these i just never play them every game has been tested works some take little more work than others

please allow up 3 days box package everything will probably ship way sooner i will ship at least 2 boxes possibly 3 keep shipping down just because its so many items if it ends on weekend i will ship on monday if you have any questions or want certain pictures then just please ask i hope i havent left anything out thanks for looking


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