Nintendo NES Lot of 99 Authentic Games from Collector's Home - Huge LOT (193706555992)

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Value: $574.16
Price: $229.50
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Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
10-Yard Fight $6.95 X
3D WorldRunner $8.26 X
8 Eyes $10.81 X
Adventures of Dino Riki $7.67 X
Anticipation $4.99 X
Back to the Future $8.97 X
Bad Street Brawler $9.99 X
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting $5.99 X
Baseball $4.43 X
Bases Loaded 2 Second Season $4.95 X
Bases Loaded 3 $6.93 X
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge $7.90 X
Black Bass $7.65 X
California Games $9.47 X
Captain Skyhawk $4.64 X
Championship Bowling $5.08 X
City Connection $9.00 X
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum $6.22 X
Defender of the Crown $6.87 X
Double Dribble $3.01 X
Dragon Power $7.62 X
Flight of the Intruder $8.99 X
Golf $4.00 X
Heavy Shreddin' $6.00 X
Hoops $3.75 X
Ice Hockey $3.94 X
Iron Tank $5.12 X
Jeopardy $4.25 X
John Elway's Quarterback $3.31 X
Jordan vs Bird One on One $5.08 X
Joust $10.06 X
Karate Champ $5.00 X
Kung Fu $13.39 X
Kung Fu Heroes $5.12 X
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf $3.28 X
Legend of Kage $8.36 X
Low G Man $7.35 X
Lunar Pool $4.99 X
Mad Max $10.38 X
Magic Johnson's Fast Break $4.30 X
Magmax $4.27 X
Major League Baseball $4.21 X
Metal Mech $12.00 X
Michael Andretti's World GP $5.41 X
Millipede $5.53 X
Ms. Pac-Man [Tengen] $14.31 X
Nintendo World Cup $5.68 X
ORB 3D $6.89 X
Peter Pan and the Pirates $7.40 X
Pictionary $6.50 X
Pro Wrestling $7.99 X
Quattro Sports $6.44 X
RBI Baseball $6.40 X
RBI Baseball 2 $7.07 X
Raid on Bungeling Bay $10.66 X
Renegade $7.46 X
Ring King $7.73 X
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves $7.98 X
Rock 'n Ball $8.31 X
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball $4.80 X
Seicross $6.13 X
Sesame Street 123 $5.19 X
Shooting Range $9.30 X
Side Pocket $7.11 X
Silent Service $5.67 X
Sky Shark $4.66 X
Slalom $7.37 X
Snake Rattle n Roll $8.45 X
Solar Jetman $7.20 X
Solomon's Key [5 Screw] $14.98 X
Spelunker $10.73 X
Spy vs. Spy $7.24 X
Star Voyager $4.37 X
Super Glove Ball $5.70 X
Super Sprint $7.05 X
Super Team Games $5.71 X
Tecmo Baseball $2.08 X
The Mafat Conspiracy $6.16 X
Track and Field II $4.61 X
Trojan $7.52 X
Volleyball $11.40 X
WWF Wrestlemania $4.94 X
Win Lose or Draw $3.99 X
Xevious $5.49 X
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Listing Description & Photos

this sale for lot 99 authentic original nintendo nes video games my wife lost her job due virus so we need sell these keep our house or else i wouldnt be selling i bought these games growing up over years as i earned money
all titles have been tested are working games have been stored my smoke free home for 15 20 years pictures post are exact copies you will receive
i will answer any questions you have ship out same day as payment if done before 5pm pacific time all games have original labels well taken care thank you for checking out my sale
happy bidding stay safe
the exact list games this lot
super glove ball with instructions
win lose or draw with original box instructions
solomons key 5 screw version
flight intruder
dash galaxy alien asylum
foxs peter pan pirates
baseball simulator 1 000
track field ii
lunar pool
back future 1
defender crown
mad max
10 yard fight
lee trevinos fighting golf
sesame street 123
dragon power
big birds hide speak
leed trevinos fighting golf
bases loaded ii second season
ice hockey
kung fu heroes
major league baseball
pro wrestling
bases loaded 3
4 quattro sports
buria fighter
jack niklaus greatest 18 holes major championship golf
cyber stadium series base wars
8 eyes
nintendo world cup
side pocket
robin hood prince thieves
bill elliotts nascar challenge
al unser jr turbo racing
star voyager
magic johnsons fast break
ring king
3d worldrunner
captain skyhawk
major league baseball
california games
sky shark
super team games
michael andrettis world gp
metal mech man machine
jordan vs bird
raid on bungeling bay
the legend kage
championship bowling
adventures dino riki
rescue embassy missions
bad street brawler
orb 3d
iron tank
superspoke vball/nintendo world cup
roger clemens mvp baseball
baseball simulator 1 000
shooting range
nes open
jeopardy junior edition
karate champ
super sprint tengen
rbi baseball 1 tengen
rbi baseball 2 tengen
low g man
solar jetman
kung fu
double dribble
wwf wrestlemania
tecmo baseball
the black bass
barker bills trick shooting
silent service
rock n ball
snake rattle n roll
the mafat conspiracy
john elways quarterback
heavy shreddin
spy vs spy
city connection

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