Nintendo NES Entire Collection! Console, Remotes, Zapper, 14 Games, RGA, Batt, & (193556760863)

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Value: $178.64
Price: $199.95
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Games Included

Found Value
Bad Dudes $7.50 X
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers $19.01 X
Cobra Triangle $7.50 X
Dragon Warrior $7.58 X
Legend of Zelda $21.93 X
Nintendo NES Console $44.00 X
Skate or Die $4.98 X
Super Mario Bros $8.60 X
Tecmo Baseball $2.01 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II $12.36 X
The Guardian Legend $16.47 X
Zapper Light Gun $10.03 X
Zelda II The Adventure of Link $16.67 X
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Listing Description & Photos

this listing for my entire nintendo nes collection collection includes nes console oem power supply 2x remotes zapper gun 14 games rga cable save batteries game tool/bit i have listed everything included individual condition each item below

whats included

1 1 x nintendo nes console i have owned console everything it comes with since 80s console excellent condition as i take very good care it i keep board contacts 72 pin connector spotless 72 pin does not put grip death on games entire console completely free dust i have also disabled cic lock out chip so console will run smoother allow you play home brew games as well

2 1 x oem power supply

3 14 x games super mario brothers 1 2 3 zelda ii "the adventure link" skate or die street fighter 2010 bad dudes t&c surf designs cobra triangle chip dale "rescue rangers" tmnt ii arcade game dragon warrior guardian legend tecmo baseball all game contacts are very clean work good games that have save batteries were replaced within last 30 days

4 2 x nintendo nes remotes one remote better condition than other they are both original but one was used much more than other they both work good but one works better than other one that doesnt work as well has rubber key wear

5 1 x zapper gun zapper gun very good visual shape was working perfectly last time i used it which was around 20 25 years ago since it has be used on crt which i havent had while

6 3 x fresh spare save batteries you will not need these for very long time as i just replaced save batteries games that have save batteries

7 1 x 38 mm security game bit

8 3 x protective game sleeves
9 1 x rca cable

10 1 x original oem cleaning cartridge i am not sure i have ever used this i clean 72 pin connector by removing it cleaning by hand


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