HUGE Nintendo Game/Console Lot Pokemon Zelda Mario GameBoy Micro 3DS GBA GBC DS (184724409282)

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Value: $148.53
Price: $4,999.00
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Listing Type: BIN
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Items Included

Found Value
Legend of Zelda $29.99 X
Nintendo NES Console $67.68 X
Pinball $10.59 X
Super Mario Bros $18.35 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $21.92 X
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Listing Description & Photos

i have huge lot nintendo portable consoles games for sale this bulk my personal collection i have no real interest selling but if someone wants give me asking price i could use money everything included shown picture all consoles work but few them have couple minor defects dsi xl top screen scratched white ds lite touch screen calibration weird right speaker doesnt work etc various small things such as missing stylus small scratches good hinges on everything this entire lot sold as i will include one each type charger

every single console cartridge this collection genuine nintendo i do not buy or sell chinese knockoff cartridges or consoles many games this collection will require new save/clock batteries become fully operational several cartridges are missing labels however you can be assured that they are also genuine additionally every game console included does turn on play games


1x gbc purple
1x ags 101 gba sp silver
2x ags 001 gba sp blue red
1x 3ds xl blue/black
1x dsi xl blue
3x ds lite white black pink nintendogs special edition
1x gameboy micro red/gold 20 year anniversary edition comes with new red front cover original gold nes cover


1x pokemon red
1x pokemon blue
1x pokemon gold
2x pokemon silver
4x pokemon ruby
3x pokemon sapphire
1x pokemon emerald
2x pokemon firered
1x pokemon heartgold
1x pokemon soulsilver
1x pokemon diamond
1x pokemon pearl
1x pokemon platinum
1x pokemon white
1x pokemon white 2
1x pokemon black 2
1x pokemon alpha sapphire
1x pokemon omega ruby
1x pokemon sun

3x pokemon red rescue team
1x pokemon ranger
1x pokemon pinball

2x zelda spirit tracks
1x zelda links awakening

2x mario kart ds
1x new super mario bros
1x super mario maker 3ds
2x new super mario bros 2
1x super mario 3d land
1x paper mario sticker star
1x mario luigi dream team

and many more ds 3ds gba gbc games as pictured

thanks for looking no returns on this listing if someone purchases this it will be shipped with priority mail insured signature required everything will be packaged very carefully i will document entire shipping process record serial numbers

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