Nintendo NES Console System Mario Bros 1 2 3 Origional Referb Pins 2 Controllers (184459582068)

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Value: $106.65
Price: $139.99
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Found Value
Mario Bros $23.24 X
Nintendo NES Console $45.13 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $18.32 X
Super Mario Bros [5 Screw] $13.72 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $6.24 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes console system lot super mario bros 5 screw super mario bros 2 3 2 controllers tight pins condition used shipped free with usps priority mail

if you would rather have new non origional pins installed instead referbished ones i can swap them out i just prefer origional ones plus new ones are always pain pull game out let me know if thats what you want

this console has bee clean tested restored pins are origional have been restored are nice tight i bend pins little more so that they play up position so dont push games down just insert power on they will eventually once pins get alot play wear back down but as rite now they wont play down position i do this give them luttle bit extra life try not keep games inside console for long periods time extend life pins they have been ultrisonic cleaned boiled so when introducing new games make sure you clean pins off with either 90% alchohol an eraser or polish them with brass polish extend life consiles pins there nice clean no point on gumming them up with game that has been sitting for 30 years

if one your games hasnt been cleaned 30 years pins are really bad i recomend brass polish for first time but make sure you polish pins qith dry q tip after because it will leave residue that will effect playability but after there relitivly clean just use 90% alchohol

the console comes with 2 origional tested controllers set av cables it also includes new universal power supply which will work for you sega genesis model 1 super nintendo few other consoles
the games included are super mario bros/duck hunt mario bros 2 mario bros 3 they have been tested all pins have been polished so you wont have play with it like most nes consoles games

the console looks works great it has few lite surface scratches from being 35 years old but nothing bad or deep
if there are any questions feel free ask

if there are any issues with anything after purchase please contact me first before opening case ill figure it out open cases bad feedback can be extreamly hurtfull small bussinesses like mine effecting placment listings which effects who gets see my listings if at all i work hard put out best product i can keep my seller status so please contact me first ill do anything within my power help you


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