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Value: $348.17
Price: $20.00
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Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: BIN
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Items Included

Found Value
Air Fortress $10.00 X
Airwolf $7.71 X
Alpha Mission $7.87 X
Arch Rivals $8.99 X
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting $9.74 X
Bases Loaded 3 $9.65 X
Battle Chess $9.82 X
Black Bass $8.39 X
California Games $8.01 X
Castlequest $7.39 X
Cybernoid The Fighting Machine $7.99 X
Dance Aerobics $9.99 X
Desert Commander $7.44 X
Dynowarz The Destruction of Spondylus $8.23 X
Flying Dragon $8.02 X
Hunt for Red October $9.95 X
Kung Fu $9.80 X
Kung Fu Heroes $6.59 X
Magmax $7.15 X
Mickey Mousecapade $7.06 X
Nintendo NES Console $75.64 X
Nintendo World Cup $7.02 X
Platoon $8.17 X
Rad Racer II $9.95 X
Ring King $11.14 X
RoadBlasters $7.94 X
Star Force $8.91 X
Super Glove Ball $6.77 X
Tecmo World Wrestling $9.72 X
Time Lord $9.84 X
Top Players Tennis $9.10 X
Wrath of the Black Manta $6.68 X
Xenophobe $7.50 X
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Listing Description & Photos

individualized item condition will be below otherwise these are typical nes worn scuffed condition known for these games for era they were made

these lots are made sell so i havent cleaned nor tested them i may test them later which will come with cleaning if theyre bought before that ill clean test them after theyre bought let you know if anything wrong due nature cartridge based games you can bet games probably all work say least i cant vouche for any batteries there yet or if there any saved games but ill try get around all these i just need these things out my room were getting down cheaper carts for nes

these games will be edited as theyre bought
top players tennis
cybernoid fighting machine
mickey mousecapade sticker residue over end label
california games
barker bills trick shooting barcode sticker on back
the black bass some sort stain on bottom front label
wrath black manta
the hunt for red october
kung fu heroes security sticker on back slight dot damage where end label meets front label middle
kung fu some sticker on back
super spike vball / nintendo world cup
rad racer ii
ring king
alpha mission
dance aerobics
xenophobe black marker under end label
time lord sticker on front not affecting games label can be removed
air fortress
super glove ball
platoon game store stickers on back
castlequest has name marker on back
arch rivals
desert commander
tecmo world wrestling
bases loaded 3
battle chess
dynowarz destruction spondylus
flying dragon secret scroll

note please do not bid on cart based games if you do not understand that things like nes games may need some finessing before they work your console especially non refurbished front loading nes console snes genesis carts may need some fudging get work

tips load game
rub it down with q tip just because i cleaned it bear mind i cleaned it well enough work on my console may need little more fine touches on yours or perhaps your own console dirty which will require purchasing console cleaner cart if you put any cleaner on your q tip buyer beware some liquids can be damaging your cart

push game so it slightly not all way this probably most useful tip after you cleaned it

not best method but sometimes inserting taking it out multiple times helps get skid it needs on your console pins game carts pins this might be sign some console filth they do sell carts that insert/remove clean console

reset console using button yes really

these are old games please bear all this mind when bidding old consoles are never perfect neither are games but they all work

cart based games are nearly never broken/defective
it extremely rare my exploits collecting that cart completely dead fact ive ran into one 1000 ive owned that looked like it was lifted from swamp by time i got it 9999% if you follow some alternative cart loading tips you will succeed game working or clean it more i assure you i did my best cleaning it but i did not use anything _abrasive_ on these carts while cleaning or anything _corrosive_ if you wanna use some rubbing alcohol on it thats on you

each items photo game youre buying even if i am selling dupes same games


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