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Value: $244.89
Price: $25.00
US Shipping: varies by location
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: BIN
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Items Included

Found Value
3D WorldRunner $6.97 X
Adventures of Dino Riki $10.45 X
Amagon $10.58 X
Bigfoot $9.96 X
BreakThru $8.57 X
Burgertime $11.26 X
Code Name Viper $11.40 X
Defender II $9.22 X
Demon Sword $7.75 X
Dr Chaos $8.37 X
Dr. Mario $9.23 X
Dragon Power $10.51 X
Ikari Warriors [5 Screw] $10.52 X
Mach Rider [5 Screw] $6.30 X
Magic Darts $8.00 X
Mighty Bomb Jack $9.49 X
Monopoly $4.99 X
Q*bert $8.74 X
Raid on Bungeling Bay $9.00 X
Renegade $8.75 X
Solar Jetman $6.48 X
Tetris $11.89 X
Tetris 2 $8.99 X
The Three Stooges $12.25 X
Videomation $7.28 X
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge $9.95 X
Yoshi's Cookie $7.99 X
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Listing Description & Photos

individualized item condition will be below otherwise these are typical nes worn scuffed condition known for these games for era they were made

these lots are made sell so i havent cleaned nor tested them i may test them later which will come with cleaning if theyre bought before that ill clean test them after theyre bought let you know if anything wrong due nature cartridge based games you can bet games probably all work say least i cant vouche for any batteries there yet or if there any saved games but ill try get around all these i just need these things out my room were getting down cheaper carts for nes

these games will be edited as theyre bought

robin hood prince theives
snake rattle roll
videomation bw written on back
dr mario michael written on front but not hindering label
demon sword slight discoloring on end label at bottom
the three stooges gamestore or previous owner sticker on back
dragon power slight discoloring on end label at right
amagon d t written on label significant scuffing
magic darts
tetris gamestore sticker on back
tetris 2
bugs bunnys birthday blowout
yoshis cookie
raid on bungeling bay lil scuffing on end label on left
code name viper josh written on front not hindering label number on back
dr chaos slight peeling on left end label
ikari warriors 5 screw
solar jetman
adventures dino riki
mach rider 5 screw
qbert dg written on back
digdug ii
3d worldrunner marker clean up visible on cart
defender ii
monopoly writing on back
wwf wrestlemania challenge
mighty bomb jack

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