ORIGINAL 1985 NINTENDO NES - 001 CONSOLE with Controllers,Gun,7 Game Cartridges (175108915512)

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Value: $150.32
Price: $71.00
US Shipping: $22.00
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Listing Type: Auction
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Items Included

Found Value
Baseball Stars $13.99 X
Championship Bowling $4.25 X
Duck Hunt $16.50 X
Hogan's Alley $6.23 X
Jeopardy $6.13 X
Mario Bros $24.75 X
Nintendo NES Console $50.25 X
Tecmo Baseball $5.81 X
Top Gun $6.00 X
Zapper Light Gun $16.41 X
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Listing Description & Photos

my mom recently passed away while cleaning out old family home i found my original 1985 nintendo console with 2 controllers zapper gun rf cable connector a/c adapter along with 7 cartridges i cleaned unit cartridges just played all 7 cartridges all worked fine except one was little finicky but still played fine heres list game cartridges
  1. mario bros / duck hunt came with console with manual manual kinda beat up with some writing but all intact
  2. snk baseball stars 1985 no manual
  3. championship bowling 1985 with manual
  4. hogans alley 1985 with manual
  5. top gun not dated with manual
  6. jeopardy 1985 with manual
  7. techmo baseball 1985 with manual that has writing missing cover but all instructions intact this was finicky cartridge but just by moving it around little bit it played fine

shipping cost 2200 usps priority mail shipping this item will ship usa addresses only excluding alaska hawaii apo / fpo addresses

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