NES Nintendo Action Set System Console lot 14 Game Bundle Super Mario Zelda Link (174715132897)

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Value: $128.26
Price: $117.50
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Items Included

Found Value
Double Dribble $5.28 X
Duck Hunt $6.59 X
Golf $2.58 X
Gyromite $3.97 X
Hogan's Alley $7.00 X
Legend of Zelda $29.99 X
NARC $6.18 X
RC Pro-AM $5.92 X
Spelunker $10.92 X
Spy Hunter $5.70 X
Super Mario Bros $18.35 X
Tennis $7.68 X
Tetris $10.83 X
Tiger-Heli $3.50 X
Top Gun $3.77 X
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Listing Description & Photos

up for immediate purchase highest bidder this complete with all you see nintendo entertainment system action set with rf av power cord &yyy160; with light gun 14 games no duplicate carts cleaned reset 72 pin all 14 games tested &&yyy160; working including zelda 2 which still holds game saves working light gun for nintendo classic video game collectors enthisiast

note inner styrofoam spacer insert ok but its also not best conditions as shown photos

and finally light gun works fine however it only works older model tvs it doesnt work on modern flat tvs&yyy160; none them do so dont let anyone else tell you otherwise

im listing many other vintage video game related items so take look if you have time

here list 14 games listed written down below


1 double dribble

2 golf

3 gyromite

4 hogans alley

5 narc

6 rc pro am

7 spelunker

8 spy hunter

9 super mario/duck hunt combo cart

10 tennis

11 tetris

12 tiger heli

13 top gun

14 zelda 2 adventures link

please contact me if you have any questions this no reserve auction



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