Original Nintendo NES Console System Bundle Lot with 32 Games FREE SHIPPING! (174584639504)

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Value: $203.36
Price: $295.00
US Shipping: $0.00
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Adventures of Bayou Billy $3.65 X
Baseball Simulator 1.000 $5.50 X
Baseball Stars $11.11 X
Blades of Steel $4.99 X
Cobra Triangle $5.05 X
Cyberball $9.59 X
Dance Aerobics $5.65 X
Dr. Mario $7.50 X
Dragon Warrior $6.47 X
Duck Hunt $6.95 X
Hogan's Alley $7.59 X
Ice Hockey $4.89 X
Jeopardy $4.89 X
MTV Remote Control $4.95 X
Nintendo NES Console $51.89 X
Operation Wolf $2.00 X
Othello $3.41 X
Power Pad $11.69 X
Silent Service $4.58 X
Super Mario Bros $12.54 X
Super Sprint $4.62 X
Tetris $9.86 X
Tiger-Heli $5.76 X
Track and Field II $3.12 X
Xenophobe $5.11 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original nintendo nes system console bundle lot 32 games 2 controllers zapper power pad nes advantage condition "used"
good condition

console works games work does take couple tries start some them
would invest game cleaner

comes with following games
2 regular controllers
1 power pad
1 light zapper
1 nes advantage joystick
rca cables
power adapter

nintendo games
world wrestling
ice hockey
dream master
hogans alley
baseball stars
operation wolf
super sprint
cobra triangle
720 degrees
mtv remote control
iron sword
bayou billy
tiger heli
rc proam
snake rattle roll
blades steel
dragon warrior
rath black menta
super mario brothers
duck hunt
world class trackmeet
dr mario
silent service
super teen
dance aerobics
track field 2
baseball simulator 1000


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