47 nintendo games nes original lot (165963638391)

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Value: $364.77
Price: $361.89
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Items Included

Found Value
Adventures of Dino Riki $10.45 X
Bad News Baseball $23.94 X
Bases Loaded $4.00 X
Bases Loaded 3 $9.65 X
Blades of Steel $7.48 X
Bump 'n' Jump $10.00 X
California Games $8.01 X
Deadly Towers $6.26 X
Double Dragon $10.50 X
Double Dribble $4.01 X
Dr. Mario $9.23 X
Excitebike $8.10 X
Fester's Quest $9.03 X
Ghosts 'n Goblins $15.50 X
Gyromite $2.76 X
Ice Hockey $2.77 X
Jaws $10.43 X
Joust $10.52 X
Kings of the Beach $6.53 X
Kung Fu $9.80 X
Legend of Kage $10.57 X
Metal Gear $12.62 X
Ms. Pac-Man [Tengen] $19.99 X
Paperboy $16.53 X
Pin-Bot $5.35 X
Pinball $3.90 X
RBI Baseball $4.63 X
Rad Racer $5.84 X
Shadowgate $15.26 X
Side Pocket $8.99 X
Skate or Die $5.48 X
Skate or Die 2 $10.49 X
Spy Hunter $6.97 X
The Guardian Legend $18.74 X
Track and Field II $3.96 X
Trog $15.33 X
WWF Wrestlemania $6.46 X
Wall Street Kid $14.69 X
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Listing Description & Photos

47 nes games

4 games dont work other than that all games seem be working

the 4 games that dont work are jaws rad racer wall street kid california games

jaws looks good game starts up title screen looks good but when you go first scene with boat map screen all pixelated game has been cleaned off many times

wall street kid wont start game has been cleaned several times game has big chip crack on lower left hand side

rad racer california games have been cleaned many times games wont start up work

the 4 games may need just be cleaned

other than that other 43 games were all played for 1 minute each they seem be working

the 47 games have some wear on them some them are pretty good shape most have some magic marker written on them some have some stickers on them ghost n goblins has some gold paint on front

all 47 games were lightly cleaned off so they are decent pins were all cleaned off

rad racer has manual gretzky hockey has manual

1 jaws
2 rad racer
3 wall street kid
4 metal gear
5 kings beach
6 ghosts n goblins
7 ice hockey
8 track field 2
9 excite bike
10 skate or die
11 doctor mario
12 spy hunter
13 deadly towers
14 festers quest
15 world cup nintendo
16 guardian legend
17 gretzky hockey
18 side pocket
19 pinball
20 double dragon
21 legend kage
22 wrestlemania
23 dino riki
24 joust
25 gyromite
26 bases loaded
27 bump n jump
28 superspike v ball
29 skate or die 2
30 pin bot
31 blades steel
32 california games
33 rbi baseball tengen
34 double dribble
35 bad news baseball
36 trog
37 top secret episode golgo 13
38 kung fu
39 bases loaded 3
40 super gloveball
41 master blaster
42 paperboy
43 gyrus
44 dr mario
45 720

46 paperboy
47 shadowgate


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